Garry Lowe ~ Canadian Reggae Legend ~ SOS

Garry Lowe could use some support in this very tumultuous time

He would not ask you himself yet I have no problem asking on his behalf

Garry has been struggling with cancer for a time now and as per usual we are all aware of the costs related with medical bills for treatment

Garry a fight so I must fight along with him

Speaking of his contribution to reggae culture in Canada, de resume deh too long fe dat right now but most of us have shared many shows and events where he was steady on that bass and gave us much dancing joy

Like I said, for those who know him, we know that Garry would never ask for this so I will on his behalf.  He has been and continues an elder, a leader, an inspiration and a true LION inna dis ya ting pushing people like me to elevate my game with the path that he continues to blaze

His family has set up an account for him so that direct deposits are open to all

Acct# at cibc: transit/07932 chequing / 1224239

On top of any financial contributions, Garry also needs a spiritual boost in this time so send this great Lion as much healing energy that you can

Jah guide

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