Garry Lowe ~ Big Sugar ~ 28th December

A few months ago, I was looking for mi bredda Garry Lowe

As usual, I’m having a convo with Mojah and I say that I owe Garry a shout and he, Mojah was talking to Garry about some tunes that they were working on / recording

Next day I shouted him and he told me that he was in Texas

His voice was soft


We talked for a while

I was filling him on my Feel Reggae concept a few years earlier because of Raffa.  I did not know Raffa Dean was terminally ill at the time

I just thought that, from my experience{s} around live music / reggae music, I had never seen anything like Raffa Dean and what a magician he was behind a kit and his incredible ability to make any band sound better.  {I have seen him make shitty bands sound good and great bands greater}

Raffa’s skill was the most unique thing I had ever seen and we are all innately aware that that level of skill cannot be taught, yet a young protégé could “feel” it.  I had contacted Raffa maybe three to four months prior to his passing about the concept

So then, right away, I know who a go deh pon bass if Raffa deh pon drum

Garry Lowe

Years later, I am reaching out to one of Canada’s greats, to come speak / perform at a Feel Reggae Seminar and of course he says yes

IBA aka IBADAN aka Garry Lowe was sometimes a real raggamufin, rough neck

Duh cross him

RaLion reminded me of the time a soundman was not able to bring the constant, piercing, feedback sound, popping up every couple of minutes for like ½ hour straight.  Never to be seen before or since, Garry Lowe went to a microphone and cuss nuff, fuck, rass and claaat and kick bwoy inna face, if dat fassyhole soundbwoy nuh fix dat ting soon

I was like, “Alrighty then”

Years later, it is one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.  No one else wanted to say anything.  Garry did not shy away from that responsibility nor the necessary language it took to fix the situation

He was also a wise councillor.  One of the few people that could reprimand or praise with one look

A man who I would quietly seek council from or with and felt a proudness vibe, knowing him

Big Sugar became my band {whatever that means}

Whenever “Digging A Hole” would play, I would run to the TV like a little kid, just to watch de big Lion pon bass

He wasn’t the tallest man yet his presence was BIG

How big?

I watched a white bwoy, Canadian white rock and roll band, somehow move from Hugo Boss sponsorship to the colors of the ites, gold and green of RasTafari

Each year RasTafari shone more with the band’s appearance{s}

Garry’s presence is so big that RasTafari, who he is, lead a rock and roll concept towards RasTafari

Not by words but by deeds

He elevated me

It was clear that RasTafari is his guide and passage through life

He requested that his last ceremony be by RasTafari elders and singers and players of instruments.  Xola provided that service

That service elevated the room

It elevated I n I

He seemed to do that for Big Sugar

He certainly did it for his children

I saw his daughters cuddle up to him enough to know that they knew of his love for them and all of his children

He constantly spoke about his children

This lion elevated his community

So proud to have been in his presence and traveled time and roads with him

It’s his earth date 28th December

There’s going to be a celebration of his musical life 

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