Fitzroy “The Lion” Gordon ~ May 2019

Fitzroy Gordon with Stephen Harper & Portia Simpson

In death, we are smitten with immediate empathy

We instinctively cherish life so much, the petty fuckery that was so important becomes mute in the face of the loving things that are remembered

Flow 93.5FM came about and Denam Jolly, Farley Flex, Mark & Jem, The Juiceman happened and we saw peers rise

Within a short time we became disgruntled with “our” own urban station that really didn’t seem to cater to the community quite the way that they said that they would

We all got a crash course in the great expense it took to run a radio station and what actually paid the bills, and it wasn’t locally produced music

Times moved on and Fitzroy Gordon spearheaded G98.7FM

“We” seemed to have a greater input with this station.  This was more “us” than the predecessor Flow

Fitzroy seemed more like one a wi

As per usual the various criticisms came at the station and Fitzroy as we tend to do

Once upon a time, Fitzroy Gordon called me.  Called me mi seh

He wished to do a show about the beliefs of RasTafari, being a devout Christian, with a very Christian listenership, to PROVE whether Haile Selassie I was / is God

Both Fitzroy and I knew that I was not the person for that job…lol

I have neither the wisdom, teaching nor temperament for a radio debate of such contention

I put him in touch with Naphtali Paul Edman and we were treated to a very spirited, respectful, sometimes very heated debate that Sunday.  I know Fitzroy wasn’t on “my side” he was still very respectful in his questioning and responses

{I would recommend listening to that show once again}

I do not believe Naphtali made Fitzroy a believer

I felt grateful

I was grateful to Fitzroy Gordon for putting a topic of RasTafari to the mainstream airwaves in a serious debate with a wizened elder like Naptali.  In my humble opinion, the debate elevated the Toronto RasTafari community.  I felt grateful

I am grateful to Fitzroy Gordon for that moment to I n I livity

Some months later, a likkle sistrin Chantie harassed me to help out Davey Rochester’s situation and his family

This time, I called Fitzroy Gordon

The following week he brought Davey’s wife Krista and her loving friend Laine to the station and made a plea to the community to create drives for swabbing and bone marrow matches to save Davey’s life

Fitzroy did not hesitate to use his position in the community to instantly fight for Davey

In his death I feel this most

Bless up Mr. G, as usual we don’t know what we have till it is gone yet with the footage and photos coming out, it seems a ‘few’ more are on to this secret, Fitzroy Gordon

A proud Jamaican

A good man to me and mine

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