Feel Reggae ~ Why to donate ~ 24th December, 2018

eel Reggae is a program of glorifying self

The genre of reggae has been in Canada for awhile now; over 50 years with zero support


I call it racist

You can label it whatever you like

No matter the label, I find the CRTC, City Hall,  the CBC and any other organization USELESS to my path

So we create our own path

You see the skill and the quality of talent and knowledge that we bring with each Seminar each month

I spend the next couple of days sifting through photos as well as footage to upload to the CRW blog for global viewing

There will be insight{s} and performances from the original Queen Bee, Michie Mee on her reggae / Hip Hop journey{s}

For those who apprecilove the art, the artists, the music, the genre and wish to aid  / support our continued upward movement, please donate generously to our culture

I thank those who have already donated.  We were able to rent equipment from Long and McQuade, as well as purchase a hot plate and ingredients for JuLion’s  love soup

A heartfelt thank you

Reggae  dancehall,  hip hop, bring messages that our youth actually hear {listen to}.  Feel Reggae generates positive imagery, spirituality and knowledge to the massive

Donate to something positive and strong



​~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Etransfers:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
PayPal:  reggaelaneking@gmail.com

All contributions go toward the continued movement of reggae music as a positive force for our human family



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