Feel Reggae Mission & Path

Ovastand why the colonial, white supremacist Canadian government cannot endorse reggae music

It speaks directly about the atrocities brought about by colonization to brown and black people

They glorify a murderer like John A. MacDonald who was their prime minister with a LONG history of murdering Native / Original people

Canada still glorifies itself on the taming of the land, celebrating the murder of Native women and children even today

No amount of apologies can be accepted for the Indian Act

Sick and depraved people run this colonial jewel in buckinginham’s crown

No spiritual people could ever do this yet white, religious hypocrites not only do this but also celebrate with Canada 150 parties

Apologise to the Native family one week then celebrate themselves, their murdering, the following week spending a reported $500 million on said celebrations

They still murdering today, August 2018

Gun crime is facilitated by the government

Billions of dollars of assault weapons, exotic hand guns, ammunition can’t make it here without the aid of “law enforcement”

Common sense

Are they corrupt or inept?

You decide


Reggae speaks of struggle

The struggle of the humans affected by colonial rape that continues today

So you must ovastand why the mandate to suppress this music on Canadian shores is also a constant

One can’t blame them


You must also ovastand why RasTafari grew in this country and why the original performers, freedom fighters, sang the music that they sang

They spoke from the struggle

Resistance to abusive white supremacist hatred

Wade Lawson was killed for stealing a car inspired the music of Mojah and the Truths & Rights band.  The music was the voice against the oppression

Reggae has always been about that

“Get up stand up, stand up for your rights” ~ Bob Marley, is the same message Truths & Rights were speaking of.  Singing about

Lester Donaldson was murdered in his own home…

He was executed by police in front of his six year old daughter.  That gangland execution by police is still available today; 2018, to black citizens, to many youths and the use of the white media narrative of criminalizing black youth as gangsters and thugs makes babylon’s job much easier to blame gun violence on black youth, to justify murder of black youth

This is a consistent story

Reggae is a release for this tension
We don’t need  their validation

I can teach reggae to these people.  How can they validate a thing that they neither know or ovastand?

Don’t need them

I was born in 1959

I live reggae

Dem bwoy yah cyaa tell mi nutten

I lived and continue to live it

I resent these people telling me about reggae in their attempt to demonize the artists with the parts of the dancehall that has dealt with abusive language and insults

We won’t allow that as they tried to use it against RasTafari artists like Queen Ifrica who is an artist that I FULLY RECOMMEND to all people

Their constant tactic is to paint the whole structure with the same brush

It does work on many of the sheeple still so why get off of this horse?

“Reggae incites violence” is the rhetoric white bigots speak of the music

Many clubs view reggae as aggressive entity and won’t book DJs or dances or live music in their venues

We don’t need them

Music is love

The Reggae love frequency travels the entire planet

Mojah came and spoke and performed

The skill and talent are undeniable

My goal is to educate those who feel this frequency cause babylon won’t help us with that

Don’t try to celebrate the music or musicians after they are dead.  I have brought this talent before you to see feel and to celebrate it

I continue to bring this talent, history and feel of reggae in a way no one else can

Peter Holung a respected bassie who has toiled for the music in this country

Belinda Brady, a gifted performer, marketer, musician, writer, toured the world and still gifted brought that to Feel Reggae

Jeremy Rempel of Fugitive Minds, an Afrobeat / Reggae group, brought the talent two weeks running

Klive Walker made an appearance which was rather special as well.  Klive has written one of the most definitive books of reggae history, Dubwise, which was published in 2005 and used as reference material at places of ‘higher learning’ like York University, U of T, UWI and learning institutions in the UK.  What I know of reggae is superseded by Klive’s personal experiences, living this culture as well as scholastic research to back up his facts.  I challenge anyone to test this brother’s knowledge on reggae music… Globally

The point is, we do not need “their” validation

Good vibes, good music, uplifting spiritual energy is the path of reggae music

Feel Reggae speaks from a level of expertise at the highest levels

Come check the vibe and bring some youths you wish to learn of this genre

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