Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee

Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee

Global and Canadian Hip Hop icon

Jamaican born

A Jane and Finch lioness

First Canadian MC to sign a record deal with a major American label

Many ups a few downs in this very storied career , first woman MC signed, first ever MC  out of Canada, girl / woman in the industry, Hip Hop in Canada,  Reggae in Canada, she’s coming to perform a few of her hits, joined by bassie Peter Holung of IBADAN, Laza of Mountain Edge on guitar… drummer to be named

Rated as the first / one of the first to fuse dancehall, roots reggae with Hip Hop beats and lyrical flow

A pioneer

A living legend in our midst… Don’t wait for “them” to come tell you.  Come see for yourself

One of the greatest to have ever done it…. AND STILL DOING IT

Hip Hop is another family member of reggae.  Come learn how and why.  We do this for a living.  Come learn from those who “feel” a frequency that can’t be played or understood on the CBC or respected by the CRTC

But we don’t need them

Come “feel” it from those who know it

David Kingston coming to spin some tunes…. early days roots and dancehall vibes

JuLion bought a hot plate so yes, there will be a lovely RasTafari, JuLion, handmade, love sip {soup}
We have room twenty chairs available and another ten to fifteen, standing room for this {Will pre-sell and reserve spaces for those who wish to sit}
If you can’t make the event in person but look forward to the photos and footage afterward, feel free to donate to the reggae vibes that we bring
Grateful to do this reggae works
Etransfers:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
PayPal:  reggaelaneking@gmail.com

All contributions go toward the continued movement of reggae music as a positive force for our human family

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