Feel Reggae ~ Michie Mee ~ Bad Gyal Revenge


As we grow and gain momentum I am focused on not only earning for I self, but to also to generate income for others

Clearly, it has been too long that we have allowed a white supremacist culture to stifle brilliant talent within the black community and stunt our ability{s} to earn 

It is incredible the numbers of globally respected and known artists that have contributed to world music, having these racist roadblocks before us, curbing the earning power of artists in the so called “urban” genre

Michie Mee is a globally respected musical icon that took some of her valuable time to come and “Feel Reggae”…  Fingazz, Laza and Peter played for her

We talked history, present and future

Her performances displayed clearly that soulful, reggae, R&B, hip hop talent that still has no peer

She is still supremely gifted

I and the room full of fans were treated to conversation on the realness of the industry, ups and downs, triumphs, failures, heartbreak culminated into indelible memories

We all felt proud and honored to have shared a couple of hours with her

In this first video, Michie speaks on getting signed at 14 years old, in the music business and her many experiences along the way

I have gratefully been around the music from the jump as a child growing in Jamaica, to having my own children and growing them in music in the home.  My oldest two, Alyssa and Dillan grew up on NUFF music including Michie Mee and stars aligned to bring them together at this event.  Dillan aka Dillan Ponders is able to speak with a mentor that he is familiar with

My pride in this moment “feels” nice

Louis March of Zero Gun Violence Movement asking Michie about the meaning of “Resilience” and the need for that in the business and daily life… “Some know the definition yet do not ovastand the meaning”

First performance of the night was “Don’t Want To Be Your Slave”

This one is called “No Man” from her current works

This first one of a Smokeshop riddim, “Bad Gyal Revenge” I believe that it is called is Michie’s versatility on full display… charisma and charm in full effect as well

This one a tribute women in reggae on se stalag riddim…crucial dancehall flow…. a guy fe know

Click on the pics below to enlarge them

​Still moments tell their own stories of some of the “feeling” in the room when we do these events

If any of this resonates with you and you apprecilove seeing Michie Mee, you apprecilove the “Feel Reggae” energy, the apprecilove the performance{s}, the knowledge, feel free to donate as we build a stronger platform for future events

It is no secret that “urban music” as these bigots label it has no bearing in their estimation hence has no future in their minds

Dem cyaa curb we

I ask you the fan base to aid where you can to provide a donation and to forward to other like minded soldiers

Etransfers:  canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
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All contributions go toward the continued movement of reggae music as a positive force for our human family



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