Feel Reggae ~ Dub Chronicles ~ 26th January, 2019

Coolest vibe is look through the historical lenses, I met the Dub Chronicles when they were playing with a much bigger band {totally forgot that we all hooked up at The Cage years ago}

Always rootical conscious, the different variations of bands, no matter the size, played good roots, conscious reggae music and a blessing to watch them morph into what seems to be their first love, “dub”

Many conversations, trial and error, many performances since and now they come to a Feel Reggae Seminar, to perform and play their music, answer a few questions on the history of dub and will do some jamming with Canadian veteran Carol Brown, the lyrically sweet Nkrumah and the soulful stylings of Tréson

​Honored to work with this crew

Always blessed to have photo evidence of time served together along this reggae journey
Not sure what year but this is at least 4 – 5 years ago

The Chronicles Dub Trio at the time performing with Nkrumah

Tréson here performing with The Human Rights

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