Feel Reggae ~ Carl Harvey / Jason Wilson Review ~ Epic performance{s}

Feel Reggae 23rd February, 2019 ~ Review

Carl Harvey on guitar alongside Jason Wilson on keys, with Michael Shapinko on bass

Carl Harvery, a guitar virtuoso, on tour with Toots Hibbert now for over 40 years.  He has played on songs and albums with Jackie Mittoo, the legendary Skattalites who was a keyboard wizard

Warning:  Carl Harvey’s playing can give goose bumps

Jason Wilson, plays a LOT like Jackie.  This past weekend, it was clear to me of Jackie’s influence on Jason Wilson.  Dr. John Jason Wilson, thank you for this week’s presentation{s} and song choices

They did something that is the essence of Feel Reggae, which is to speak of the different eras, charting the progression of the music where quadrille, mento, ska, rocksteady and reggae are discussed, then played

Education and entertainment

Like a reggae school

We discuss the eras and the political climate of when the music was produced

When the music changed and why



Both Carl and Dr. Jason Wilson, a professor at Guelph University, are learned scholars yet have lived the life of music ie; jazz, funk, folk, classical and all forms of reggae for most of their existence{s}

They played with many of the originals and still do today

Experience and great talent

Our goal is to bring the fans to the players of instruments and pay them for said talent

The “system” isn’t set up to pay artists at any time, especially the reggae crew

Next Feel Reggae Seminar, Saturday, 23rd March,2019

Drum Song by Jackie Mittoo

Israelites ~ Desmond Dekker cover

Satta Masagana ~ Abyssinians cover  ~ Carl goes in on guitar…wait for it…

Willi Williams ~ Armageddon Time ~ A history about the punk movement and The Clash covering this tune

Keele Street ~ Jason Wilson original ~ Reggae / jazz

A few images on the day
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Next Feel Reggae Seminar, Saturday, 23rd March,2019

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