Fear is guiding these times that we are living in.  Our “leaders” are fulfilling their roles of keeping the populations of the world panicked, mirroring the media that is forced upon us

Fear can alter the spirit

Fix your spirit… stabilize your soul

No virus or vaccine can affect your souls

This is how you affect the physical world around you

The chaos and confusion is by design… none of us are confused by this

This is too much to process

Honoring your spiritual peace is your responsibility, no matter the distractions of poverty, family, illness…  comforting and grounding your spirit is on you

Remember, no virus or vaccine can affect your souls


Louis March needs the aid of this community to curb gun violence

My mindset is based on the love of my children and those of my friends

I love our children

Help me to help Louis to save these babies from the instituted tricks of the colonizer

They won’t ever change, but we can… We must


Starliners tonight… my Canadian reggae energy… Thursdays and Sundays

Organize and Centralize are great words of advice to apply to starliners show with Mally Bless and Tonya P

Canada’s reggae life and contributions are legendary so get on board because you see it for yourself

Blessed new tune ~ Dancehall Vaccine

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