This is how the so called one percenters manipulate us sheeple

They make us so angry we emote, instead of stopping the subject of the anger

Kill a nigger before the whole world and get  them screaming and marching, burning and looting, hiding under the bed, walk around in fear daily as a police car rolls by, facebooking our frustration/s, spend hours talking to friends and family about this new crime

Name them… Amidoo Dialo, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Lester Donaldson…

But they don’t stop do they?

We call these people demons and evil in an attempt to identify them for our notions of God.  God will get them for us.  No He won’t sheep

Step aside sheep, this isn’t a job for you

Yu nuh mek fe is.  Yu too soff

These evil people kinda enjoy you calling them evil actually.  More than insulted, they feel a sense of joy, a compliment even.  We are so superstitious in our fear of evil, it continues to give them the edge that they need to continue their evil

Go near them and they are protected by the police who they pay handsomely and give them power over the herd

When stressed with emotion based on world collapse from covid mismanagement by governments yet actually feels like a narrative of the evil, we wonder how we will survive the coming apocalypse

Our emotions blind our ability to go directly to the source

Emotion blinds

Emotion confuses

Human thing

In a loving space the dishonesty of the evil coward works best… it runs our emotions to the peak because we sheeple trust them from birth

We all trust them

The Hippocratic Oath.  It took me a minute to realise the connection to the word hypocrisy and Hippocratic

Emotion towards big pharma clouds our judgement very successfully

Some doctors, pharmacists, oncologists will hate on this but they are a part of the Hippocratic process hence have lost my trust and respect.  Funny thing is, some have already figured this out and left their various professions to focus on true healing.  They ovastand that fighting big pharma is futile so they do what they do in their own families and communities

This becomes dangerous work if they are found out

Hippocratic Oath

They do not hide what they do

Emotion blocks any ability we may have of effecting change on these folks whose systems seem quite complex and unbeatable

Emotion destroys our ability to move them, even if we know them

Venting as usual

I have no answers ever

I realize more and more that I don’t know much.  An expert on nothing

But emotions come over me as well

So when I feel it, I write

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