Dub love Lithuania ~ Reggae For Life

A love story

Reggae music is truly love

Not always to be explained with the use of language as spiritual dialect is difficult to, or next to impossible to speak in any physical language, yet the “feel” is everything

Reggae rounds the globe, no matter the language spoken

The Japanese people choose dancehall as their mode of expression.  One of the most disciplined cultures on the planet, the Bushido code, the samurai, the Japanese revere Jamaicans and the dancehall culture as high art

And it is

I came across this clip of sound system and dub culture in Lithuania


Reggae knows no borders

We humans create definitive lines with genre and culture yet reggae / dub has none of those hang ups we share as residents of any culture

Reggae is love

Dub is love

I listen to these brothers speak in this interview and you KNOW that they feel the right feel

Cultural difference is irrelevant

Sound system love

Sound system love is necessary to global culture yet the Jamaican governments have never seen fit to elevate or monetize it.  As a matter of fact, they deliberately try to quash it and eliminate it out of the vibrant JA culture

Nothing more dangerous than a black colonizer and the Jamaican governments since 1962 are FULL of black colonizers abusing the people of Jamaica

Even in the woods, in this video, babylon shows up

Yet these youths string up the sound, play, dance and celebrate even in the face of the harassment from Johnny law
Canada has sound systems too

It is a necessity to feel deep bass and to share that with other dancing fools as yourself / myself.  It is a most beautiful feeling

It is truly a labor of love

Reggae For Life
The voice of the voiceless

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