Don’t Fear Donald Trump

Don’t Fear Donald Trump
Back in the day, we figured out that George W. Bush was easily America’s worst president in their entire history. George W was an illiterate, spoiled baby, cocaine snorting, buffoon, insensitive, racist, tea party poster child. There was NEVER a worst or more inept clown running that country. He murdered hundreds of thousands of Muslims and should be charged for war crimes but he won’t ever be. The man was so rotten, some believe that to be a part of the success that Barak Obama had as becoming the pres. George W was so bad that the world believed it needed a more humane change. Americans seemed to want to go from one extreme to the next so an intelligent, articulate, seemingly compassionate, black man was chosen as their leader.
During Barak’s term it seems that it truly riled up the white population. Some blame it on Barak but the reality is that white America wants “America great again” and sent out their henchmen (police agencies) to make sure Barak and the American and the worldwide black population knew their place.
“Black president or not, we can kill black lions and walk FREE like we always could.” Nothing has changed and it never will! Barak is also responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of Muslims around the globe.
The office of the president of the USA is a position, a job, an institution. IT IS NOT A PERSON! The person in the role is selected long before they are elected to do what the ‘corporation’ dictates. What is evident is that Barak or George or Jimmy or Ronald do the same job. Only JFK thought that he was there to make a difference, which he did, yet not in the way that he thought that he would. He might have thought that he could go his own way but the corporation removed his mind with a sniper’s bullet, or so it is believed by some.
Now we are faced with the fear mongering and the deception of distraction. Hillary the murderer or Donald the sexist, insensitive, racist grand wizard! Both are being touted as worse than the other but it is what it is. A total distraction!
Black face, white face, male face, female face does not change American policy to black people or to the world community. The SAME atrocities that occurred in 1812, 1960 or 2016 will continue into the future.
Our fear is that The Donald is the next Adolph Hitler and will begin the war on Musilms and blacks and women that will certainly signify “end times”. Others say it is actually Hillary who is the scarier of the two. Well, we had eight years of craziness from George W., then the relatively calm yet murderous time for black citizens under Obama so where are we headed now? The law of averages say whether it is Trump or Clinton the globe is in for some craziness. The corporation has already selected the next candidate and they are ready to do the job that the position demands.
The Donald may not accept the presidency because he will have to learn to take orders and his ego cannot handle such a thing. He kills them or they kill him but if he accepts the job he will do no more or less than Reagan, Bushes, Clinton or Obama. There is no need to fear him personally.
We live in a time of fear mongering. While we sit back an individual in a job where they are told what to do, being distracted by The Donald, a whole lot of things are going past that we don’t notice or focus on, important issues like the pipeline being shoved down the throats of the First Nations people in North Dakota, or oil sands mining here in Canada, environmental issues deliberately poising water sources around the planet, Nestle trying to own the planet’s water supply, Syria… Your problems and issues are bigger than Donald Trump. The folks who run the corporation responsible for each of the things above and much more are FAR more dangerous than The Donald and they have been murdering us for years!
Unless of course, he is the anti-Christ himself and THEN we are TRULY F*CKED!

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