I don’t know the artist but this is beautiful… who is this?

Division ➗

This is the most successful of the babylonian construct and its success is dependent on the cooperation of each of us

We enthusiastically comply

First we jump on “the point” like vaxx / anti-vaxx, racism, sexism, liberal, conservative, mask / anti-mask… you get the picture and we discredit the intellect or personality of the opposing points of view, with hate and venom

We then choose like minded ones who agree with us, to confirm how right you must be to have so many agree with you so those who do not agree must be idiots

The division weakens us because it leads to anger and violence

We are currently more hateful hence weaker as a species

Toxicity is now our norm

Discredit the character of others in a hope to elevate self


This is weak behavior and it is highly prevalent in this time

“I’m right and everyone else is an idiot”


We have raised weaker and weaker generations over the past 100 years.  The erosion of empathy, compassion and humility is totally complete

We have succeeded in weakening the morality of the human race

If we listen to the Christian faith, this has been predicted a long time ago and this is totally natural, on a path to “end of times”

I write this because I too have this burning anger constantly from the abusive behavior of racism so ingrained in the global psyche.  I am pissed daily because many expect me to accept their hatred

Some have this anger because they are female and live in a globally abusive pattern of behavior that is centuries long

There are many other abuses too numerous to mention but we only have time to focus on what irks us most hence we have zero tolerance or patience for mental illness, unemployment, homelessness, climate change or any other distraction that doesn’t pertain directly to our existence


We have been successfully divided so conquering is easy

It takes a loving path, a spiritual strength that we no longer possess as a species to get over this hate and venom

We possess this humility and love individually but won’t use it because kindness is viewed as weakness.  We must wear our masks of anger and hate so folks are aware that we aren’t to be fucked with.  No time for love and empathy

Seems futile, I’m aware

I write always from feel and no, the information isn’t new yet always trying to reach someone (a bunch of some ones) who see and feel this, who have the ability to redevelop humility and love, hence greater integrity among humans across the planet


They do feel and sound futile within the onslaught of venom and hate yet my loving energy still exists so I keep communicating

Love, the word so many use as the beacon of hope and it is definitely that yet we can’t wait for the herd to figure this out and move together because that will never happen.  You / we need to make an individual choice to do this

It takes individual integrity and honor to move on this path

You and only you 

​~ ~ ~ ~

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