Distraction to Humanity

Writing a piece on Rob Ford, easily Canada’s most polarizing public figure ever, pointed to the crux of the matter that keeps us divided and it works like a charm.

Atheist, Muslim, Christian, Gay, Hetero, Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights, Monsanto, The IMF are a tiny few of the distractions that we all face daily, keeping us away from humanity.

This dude Rob Ford was far from a perfect soul.  He almost singlehandedly set the negative tone towards the gay community, a part of the community that he swore to serve.  His dealings with humans there were blatantly disrespectful!  And he seemed to have no fucks to give about it and I don’t know if there was ever a ‘softening’ between him and the LGBT movement…ever.

He smoked crack, admitted alcoholic and probably touched all kinds of drugs which his upper middle class status allowed him to have.  His behavior as mayor was no different to any other part of his life which became apparent in his reign as mayor.  Reported domestic abuse of his wife, links to a homicide and a host of other heinous behavior that many in this city / country are fully aware.
What Ford did was for many of the lower income people of the city, the ghettos, and government housing, people on welfare / social assistance.  He gave dignity to a few people.  People who don’t make the news unless there is a shooting or stabbing in their neighborhoods, he gave them some dignity.  Some working class people who went behind on rent or facing evictions he was able to aid a few.

What my point on Ford is that within all of his hateful behavior he also did tangible good for humans.

I am not a fan of Rob Ford’s actions or his behavior!  I am a fan of kindness to humanity that he showed to lower income people who are showing their love and respect in his death.

As I have said repeatedly, ALL of the negative things said about Rob Ford are probably ALL true.  Yet I see a side of the ‘underprivileged’ in this city showing their love and appreciation.

I am NOT a fan of any of those negative behaviors!

I’m a fan of the acts kindness to the poor who don’t have a voice and we can tangibly see the results by the homage that they are paying to him.

The ‘return’ hate at Ford have folks around me now “unfriending” me or upset that I don’t side with their opinions of him which in many ways, I so agree with all of their stories and thoughts, yet as an underdog myself, I like that someone did something for lower income Canadians.

I lose no sleep over some of these sheep.  I focus on the outpouring of love and gratefulness from these Canadians towards a public figure / politician.  Outside or Pierre, Jack Layton, Ford’s popularity to the underdog and the regular people is undeniable and many of the other ‘respected’ politicians don’t do a tenth of what Ford did for his constituents but they are better behaved even if some are actually inept and or racist.  They say and do all of the right things.

I have seen hate crimes towards humanity by public figures throughout history.

I don’t have too many stories of or examples of public figures that do anything for poor people.

Ghetto people!  That’s what I rate!

Because I elevate this positive, those with beefs about the vast numbers of his negative behaviors run to attack.  I say again, everything that you say is true!  But it will not distract me from a glaring positive that a public official can give lower income Canadian people a little dignity, a little hope and self pride and when that is done, they respond in this way to him.  I know that it will not encourage any of his past peers to take a closer look at the lower income homes in their constituencies and step up to the plate, because that is not a part of the colonial plan to keep the poor…”keep them in their place”.  The distractions continue to work well.

This number one asshole of Canadian politicians helped poor people.  What does it say for the rest of them who don’t rival his work to the poor?  To the underdog!

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