Denise Jones Canadian Reggae Warrior R.I.P.

Denise Jones

Jones & Jones meant everything to me and many live reggae performers from Jamaica to Canada in the 80s – 90s

What an era shepherded by Allan and Denise

I worked down on Mowat Avenue back in the day when Jones & Jones had an office in the building.  It is where Denise and I created a relationship / bond of reggae love.  She loved and respected my passion and work ethic for IBADAN, the band that I managed at the time, and booked us on many of Jones & Jones events {folks thought that she managed IBADAN the amount of gigs we used to get…lol}

Jones & Jones and LIP {raspect always Lance Ingleton RIP} made reggae sweet back in the day

They motivated and encouraged us all and with the amount of gigs that were happening.  There were so many reggae acts to choose from to open up for international acts

As IBADAN was young at the time, I knew that we needed an international stage to showcase what we were about.  Denise booked us to open up for Tony Rebel at the El Mocambo

Our first international show!

We KILLED it!!!

The reviews in the Share and other community papers as well as on Community radio were so great, it truly launched the band to Toronto star status

Jones & Jones booked the band often and we opened for Culture twice, Gregory twice, Luciano and early days Jambana and a host of other events

Jones & Jones did this for many other performers within the culture as well

Booking IBADAN went on to give all of us belief that we could perform on the world stage/s and encouraged the first album “Do It” and other recordings since

Nothing like the band loading in for soundcheck at a gig and hearing Denise or Allan singing, “I need and I need and I need you” the lead track off the first album

Denise has left an indelible mark on this proud Canadian reggae culture

No one does not know or heard of Denise Jones

Rest in peace my reggae warrior queen

Your presence made reggae music culture a prideful thing here in Canada

Love you Denise Jones

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