Once you are burned by the right relationship, or by a series of wrong relationships, your chances of being in a successful partnership in future times is highly limited to impossible


Always waiting for the other shoe to drop because experience teaches that it most definitely will

You will impose said cynicism on all future and potential love interests which is akin to pouring hot liquid on said potential partner or relationship/s and expect them to not feel it burn


“You men” or “You women” won’t help you to build trust

Young or old, the cynicism poisons your own soul

I know because I have lived it… I have said “you women” to my partner at the time… it is what I was taught by this time in which I live… Our problems in the relationship I made about her and her perceptions, hence “you women”

I poured venom in her soul without a second thought

I had no wisdom

Is there a solution

Most definitely

The soul connection

You start first with yourself… if your energy is dark you may not be enticing to someone with sunlight in their soul, no matter how physically attractive you may be

Work on your own sunlight

If your focus is only on your target lover, and not on self, trying to maintain an uplifting relationship is an impossible task… You tend to expect your partner to live up to your need to pacify or to entertain or to make you feel secure… None of that is their job/s

I’m fully aware that there are some truly horrific, abusive relationships that folks have experienced, so trust becomes an issue and being gun shy, or wary of the next relationship is very natural and at times, life preserving when one is coming from domestic abusive situations

No arguments there

This is a natural reaction to being burned yet taking it to the next relationship, infused with constant cynicism from the past, will automatically doom the next coupling

The solution is to heal one’s own soul

Learn to love the things about you that make you shine, even if a past partner tried to stifle it / them and made you self conscious of the joyful things in you

Create your own shine

Love you

Loving a partner is about the joy you feel inside whether you are with your partner or not… the love is transcendant… a love high

A love high

A higher love


I won’t allow it to take my love

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