CRW seeking Web Team

I am eternally grateful for the path of interacting with humans that love reggae music

It is a lovely ride

No regrets

We ovastand a spiritual energy that cannot be contained that delivers the truths that are needed to be felt and heard

I feel like CRW works have aided in the upliftment of Canadian reggae vibez to a larger audience globally

Individual artists like Chester Miller, Blessed, Ammoye, Exco Levi and others promote themselves globally opening even more doors, making it easier for CRW as well as Toronto Reggae YYZ who work on reggae music every day, to showcase reggae vibez in a Canada


This is both an honor and a blessing for us, based on reggae love

How do we maintain daily reggae work?

We try things like merchandising.  Toronto Reggae t-shirts, RFL merch, live events, advertising and promotion, consulting as well as seminars to pay us for the works that we provide

With this much interaction our audiences continue to grow

Now that live has been eliminated by the current global circumstance, we will endeavor to be more interactive on our reggae websites

As we continue to create our own infrastructure as we must, CRW is seeking the right candidate/s to work with creating an opportunity to sell Canadian reggae music directly from the CRW site

An interactive music site for reggae as well as other black music in Canada

Honor – Respect – Integrity – Nobility

These are the standards we seek most in working with folks

RasTafari is the energy that guides my path and I seek those who live in and relate to that behavior in personal livity as well as doing business as such

Our goal obviously is to elevate sales opportunities for the genre as a whole by improving what the artists earn weekly, monthly or several years down the road

If you feel like you suit this situation and energy and want a conversation, please link up


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

RFL merchandise available year round, delivered to any place in North America.  Reggae For Life is a culture of respect

​Click on the shirt to see selection, colors, masks, mugs to order

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