CRW Newsletter ~ December 2019 ~ Buju, Exco, Akae Beka R.I.P.

Buju Banton

Another year of reggae from I n I perspective in this 2019

The thing that impacted me most was Buju coming out of jail.  Reggae music needed his insight as well as his conscious voice and truly a change in the VIBE of the culture

Reggae seemed to become a very pasteurized vibe so the Gargamel was needed to bring that old skool, ghetto truth with an emphasis on the bass and a feel and need to jump when his music is played

This is I personal opinion

“Country for sale” is a track that I am extremely grateful for based on Jamaican government officials selling out the country since Independence, 6th August 1962

It isn’t like the native Jamaicans can do one single thing about lost resources for decades but to hear an artist not only mention it yet make an iconic tune, gives some an opportunity to hear those words and possibly start that thought process in the people

Here are some things synonymous with Jamaica that I don’t believe is owned by the country, nor do the people benefit a dime from it
Alcan & Reynolds bauxite, the beaches, the hotels, Red Stripe beer, Blue Mountain Coffee, Appleton Rum, J. Wray & Nephew rum, highways built by China, GANJA, Reggae Music and I am sure there are a few more resources being taken

The Gargamel is / was needed


An effective tune speaking to gun violence in Jamaica, Africa, Canada within the black communities

Nuff man mek gun tunes, yet this one resonates like no other

Blessings Buju… 

Exco Levi ~ Wah Gwaan

Five time Juno Award winner, released a big tune this year.  One day listening to our local urban station, G98.7FM this song came on and I immediately started skanking 

​Big love to Exco for maintaining levels of excellence within the reggae fraternity, consistently, year after year 

 Vaughn Benjamin ~ Akae Beka ~ Midnite ~ R.I.P.

Historian, scholar, supremely versed with the history and nuances of the Bible, RasTafari, humble soul, passed away this year

The world was elevated with his life and lyrics and still so even with his passing

Vaughn Benjamin is a true gift to this planet

Photo’s and footage here is from his show at The Opera House in Toronto 2016… Ites up Jordan Parris for bringing Vaughn to Canada

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