Control Of the Music is The Control of the Spirit

Control of the music is the control of the spirit

This is what the babylonian decision makers have convinced themselves of

And they are one hundred percent correct in their analysis and worldwide execution of their control on the music industry

Control the music

The defiance, the love, the morality, the pain, the emotion, the message of music is a spiritual message that only needs to be heard or felt to allow the listener to vibe, feel and move in a different way

Lyric and sound are just as effective, together or apart

Without a spiritual thesaurus to speak a specific spirit language, feel is all we know

Babylon trying to hijack that

In a physical way, they have already done that and created large streams of revenue for their cause

It is clear what music does for the human spirit during chaotic, tragic, happy times.  It isn’t once that music carries us through times in our lives, uplifting us

Our happiest memories are taken up in music.  We have a song/s that takes us to specific memories

Physically, babylon owns that

Currently, musicians globally are shut down by a movement to control the music, stopping the players of instruments and singers

This controlling path feels deliberate in its application

Not a conspiracy.  I know nothing.  I am going off feel.  Music is the spirit so I can only move with feel on this one

Control the future message/s of the music

This is evident in their use of hip hop and dancehall to develop a glorification of drug and gun culture, having our children murdering each other

There are powerful, uplifting messages by many dancehall and hip hop artists being suppressed by the babylonian.  We have all had this very discussion a million times yet can do nothing to infuse positivity to the deliberately corrupt shitstym

Now more than ever we need our musicians


My message to all you spirit warriors out there, singer, song writers, horn players, cellists, bass, guitar, congo, drummers, cowbell and everyone, the spirit cannot be curbed

It cannot be controlled

It feels like a deliberate block on music

But it isn’t possible to block the spirit, the soul

Babylon only knows the physical.  They fully control the physical

The spiritual cannot be controlled

This isn’t an answer to fix anything

I felt a vibe, so I write again

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