Conscious Thought ~ RRR ~ 19th July, 2017

This and most weeks, we speak on the native genocide by the Canadian government, calling for the protection of native woman, apartheid, RasTafari Against Domestic Abuse and other issues relevant to this time.

​We play nuff reggae music that speak to these atrocities that we live in and let the music be a guide to better lives through RasTafari or whatever belief system that one uses.

47:09 ~ About Louise Bennett / Tanya Stevens

53:69 ~ “Siren” Exco Levi

55:55 ~ Blizz Fyah Cracker

1:06:38 ~ Nkrumah

1:10:20 ~ Ammoye

1:14:10 ~ Ammoye / Exco Levi

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