Colors of RasTafari shine on Marley Earthstrong – TORONTO

Grateful that a positive energy of RasTafari was able to shine in Toronto for a split second

Bob Marley performed in Toronto three times I think but I saw only two of them.  The last one at Maple Leaf Gardens

RasTaman lit up a hockey arena that night

Torontonians like me, still brag about that last concert in 79

They lit up the lights at Nathan Phillips Square red, gold and green

Ites up to Jason McLean of Torontoreggae.ca who requested it

Grateful for those who came by and by all those who shared and fulljoyed the process

It was Robert Nesta’s earthstrong yet I send a love to Peter and Bunny also as I know we all feel that

Garry Lowe passed last year and his RasTafari energy affected rock and roll in Toronto and Canada

It is always a blessing and a source of pride to see one of Haile Selassie I greatest warriors, when 38 years after his death, his energy and conviction as a spiritual warrior, has a major city like Toronto, shining the colors of RasTafari on his birthday

Those two examples plus many others show me what the love of RasTafari can accomplish

Big love to all who came out to the first ever time the powers of RasTafari was shone out to the world from Toronto, Canada

I am eternally grateful to those who showed and to all who still monitor and show pride in this energy

RasTafari blessings to the world family

A few visual memories of last evenings events including the after party at Remix Lounge – click on the pics to enlarge them

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