Collective Change

Collective Change

“They” expected us to wake up at some point with this “Columbus discovered…” fuckery.

They expected us to wake up about the environment at some point.

They have the next stage planned whether it involves a series of denials, then an admission, then a TON of apologies, while they continue their work and plan how best to deal with us as well as maintain profits.

This is a police state that allows us to call them blatantly on what they do and it means nothing.  They have desensitized us with half truths and lies to the point the lie looks like the truth.   All of the atrocities that we all complain about from the environment, to racism, equality for all lives on the planet which should have changed something by now; anything by now, we are still walking boldly and willingly as a race towards implosion because nothing changes.

Back in the good old days when a president or a prime minister or the UN were individual people, seeking the popular vote of the people, the world had a chance of change / s because of the guilt or the fear of losing an election or the top job made these individuals capable of biting the bullet and doing what was right for the people.  That had to be change for the corporation to maintain its vast profit making machine.

Through the use of the banking institutions all world leaders and committees reports to the corporation, so their positions become branch managers where they are in position to shepherd the decisions of the corporation.  They cannot lose the job unless they go against the wishes of said corporation, then they are voted out, eliminated, assassinated, put out to pasture for the next manager to come along.  You hear that argument from those who refuse to vote all of the time and we think that they don’t get it.  We think that they are wing nutz like some think I am for mentioning “the corporation” all of the time.  The fact is, we all know on some level that this is the truth of what we face within this regime and time on the planet.  Sure, we’d love to think that we have some say in what happens to us.  “I pay taxes in this country, so I have a right” is a silly illusion that many of us citizens actually buy (no pun intended) into.  We do actually buy into the illusion with the amount of taxes that we all pay, all of the insurance that we buy for homes, land and vehicles to the corporation yet you / we / I have no say.  No matter what!

The corporation is an inanimate object that we cannot prove exists.  Yet it does.  It is organized and thinks in decades, centuries and generations, yet able to maintain the necessary distractions to keep us focussed only on today’s issues, while we miss the overall bigger picture.  I have no clue what it is, but you know it won’t be good for us.  Yet we will follow along as we always have.  Wishing for “change” that won’t ever come, as we follow the guided path that we are expected to walk down.

So I write my thoughts out as some of you also have the same thoughts to yourselves or within a discussion group, the constant is futility because the layers of bullshit are so thick, there is nowhere to start.  To whom do we speak to about what?

For instance Gordon Downie asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do something for and about First Nations people.  I’m pretty sure, left up to him, Prime Minister Trudeau would make vast and wholesale changes to the conditions that Native Canadians are currently living under and have been for over a century.

Nothing will get done.

Unless the corporation says so! Improving the treatment of these people must not affect profitability.  Good luck with that!  The rape of these people is by design by the leaders of the corporation.  It is an actionable plan of events that are constant in the behavior of european governments towards native and black people.  This is a racist plan that has been spoken about numerous times before I wrote these words.

Haiti for instance continues to live through the worst conditions known to man, which is their prize for being the first black nation to declare “independence” from the corporation.

Haitians are not dumb, voodoo people incapable of governing themselves as dumb North Americans are led to believe.
They are being systematically raped for having the impudence to tell the corporation to fuck off!

Their punishment has been DECADES long fiscal sanctions and we all stand by and watch like we don’t know.  And every time a hurricane hits and kills a few more thousand, we all aid in the murder and genocide of those people.  We do benefits to make ourselves feel better (I have done one personally) then I realized it was really all for naught.  A few thousand more just got murdered by hurricane Matthew.  I could do another benefit to soothe my conscience or I can call the shit as real as I can and make the kind of changes that can make Haiti a self sustained people.  I am not the only person who sees this?  Why do we all feel so futile about aiding Haiti’s situation?  Which Hitler do we need to speak to so that they stop murdering these people?

Doom and Gloom

Feels like that all of the time huh?

Well, not so much.  These things are happening whether I write or I don’t.  I have some sense of optimism as it is the greatest failing of most of us humans.  We always believe that “better must come, “there is a silver lining in every cloud”, “there is a pot of gold…” blah, blah, blah!  You get it; it is our nature to see ‘good’.

I’m no different.

What I do see is this competitive environment that we are expected to participate in, in order to keep the machine pumping.  Because of this revelation I have chosen to not try to buy my dream Audi as my motivator but something far more rewarding.

A grateful life

How’ oxymoronish’ does that sound?  I know!

If many of us chose to not chase wealth and buy the greed-first mentality of this time, then that in essence would be the unplugging from the system.

The wealth we seek in spiritual.  If it (spiritual contentment) exists one does not accept the degradation that the corporation heaps on this planet.

These aren’t new words are even topics that haven’t been raised thousands of time previously but I re-write them because I should.
I am blessed and thankful for this time in my life on Canadian soil.  It has afforded me so much in my spiritual path as well as my continued development in that area of my life.  I feel empowered to make positive changes where possible and I live my life in that way because I am afforded that opportunity here.

I shouldn’t be shipped back to Bangladesh, or Africa, of Jamaica or wherever because I won’t accept racism that is deeply entrenched in this society.   I will be an instrument in improving humanity as best as I can.

“They” expect us “freedom fighters” through the course of history and have effectively, successfully distracted us all from the spiritual, where all of our solutions reside.  They have muddied the waters of spirituality with religion, white, racist Jesus, the interpretations to the Quran , yet all claim to be right and will kill and murder to protect the word of their book which takes us away from the spiritual and keeps us distracted and occupied, nowhere near a solution!  That’s what the corporation continues to win with.


The spiritual is inside you.  Singularly.  Only one. You alone change this planet.  Me.  You.

It is a singular thought that becomes a collective change.

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