Cockpit Country ~ Fresh Water ~ Bauxite Mining

Fresh water

Mni Wiconi

Water is Life

Conspiracy theories yet here we are

They don’t care about the bauxite

They are deliberately destroying fresh water globally

Let’s see who needs to wake up today and to focus on the issue at hand

I have blatantly blasted Jamaican leadership, politicians, prime ministers and the wannabe “elite” as corrupt, deceitful humans, put in place to rape their own Jamaican people

They are

Some do the job gleefully as well

Yet, truth be told, The Corporation willingly murders whoever doesn’t go along with their needs so there will always be another Judas aka Black Colonizer to sell out their own

This dates as far back as treaties made with England with The Maroons, who traded freedom to be bounty hunter and killers of runaway slaves

The Maroons murdered black people on the behest of their English masters

The babylonian has always been able to bribe black people to kill black people

Now they say they want to mine bauxite


Water far more valuable than bauxite

So then why destroy the water table?

Great question

I don’t care why

Andrew Holness has zero power

If he doesn’t do this, they get themselves another house nigga to get the job done


Yet dis yah water table a go get protected one way or another.  There are enough Jamaicans on this case.  We will push them back by the hook or the crook

Memba mi tell yu

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