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Toronto Reggae YYZ, Jason McLean tweeted City Hall from November 2018 to present {weekly} to change the colors of the TORONTO sign, on the 6th February, Bob Marley’s earthstrong, to the colors of the Jamaican flag

When The Hall decided to agree with the change of color, they chose those of the red, gold and green of RasTafari, which was Jason’s first choice but he never believed that they would change it to that

They did


On the Wednesday, 6th February, 2019, the colors of RasTafari will be on the TORONTO sign, starting at dusk where the colors will stand out nicely against a dark sky to signify Bob Marley’s earthstrong and homage to Reggae as well as RasTafari

Ites up Jason McLean


We will be on hand to shoot pics of Toronto reggae lovers from 7:00pm – 8:00ish, {if it aint too cold}

We have also decided to resurrect The Lion’s Den for a night {an after party of sorts} with some of the amazing DJs / Selectas that have played through the years at the popular Monday night jam

Line up is African Star, Spicegad, Briggidier Kingsley, Xixgon and Friendlyness

Pure love

We will have a limited number of “coupons” for $10.00 off the cover charge of $20.00 to give away at the photo shoot

If you can’t make it for a coupon, bring a non-perishable food item for the Daily Bread Food Bank Parkdale and also will get you a $10.00 discount at the door

Location to be announced

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