CEO of You

The fear in this time for many, are the numbers of covid fatalities not matching the originally inflated numbers projected in February 2020 by or virology experts and our governments.  Many like me aware of a mortality rate of 99.6% globally or whatever that percentage is that they are currently reporting

Some welcome testing as well as mandatory vaccines hoping to save themselves from pending and predicted, super viruses in future times, while others cringe at the thought of poison being injected / infected into our systems

There is concern for the population control through economic means with some governments giving just enough money   to its citizen and with massive unemployment looming, all are prepared to take these “hand outs” to stave off eviction notices and to feed hungry children and ourselves.  We live in one of those countries, in Canada, that gives dollars to its citizens… There are many who cannot afford this, so even in these dire times, many feel somewhat grateful to have some fiscal support

The fear looms larger and larger with the upcoming uncertain future

The fear is debilitating for some / many, as cases of anxiety soar globally

All of this and much more and none of the decisions being made are seeking your or my council.  We are in a space where we are being led and it is a disconcerting feeling, similar to white water rafting down a fast river with no oars

So I became the CEO of Self

I do not figure into these global decision making laws and bylaws

With an uncertain future professionally, physically or spiritually, this company of self must elevate the things that I do have some control of, which are the physical and the spiritual

Many have no clue of what is next professionally.  Teachers, musicians, performers, service workers, retail workers and many more face uncertain futures at best

The new matrix seems to wish to eliminate certain things / jobs so this is beyond my control



Yet the upliftment of spirit and physical fitness have aided in alying many of these fears within me.  No matter what challenges the future holds, if I am not spiritually and physically healthy I will succumb to even greater pitfalls, so I uplift self through this time

I do have days of anxiety as well yet my calming spirit puts me back into perspective

I am the CEO of me

I am working for the company of me and the work is 24/7

A part of your work is to do nothing sometimes… Sit in silence, go for a walk or jog, focus on nutrition, sing and dance to music, work on the calm of family members, read, think, hustle your businesses, any direction is fine, but remember you are the company you work for

The CEO of you

Written always from feel 

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