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Dub love Lithuania ~ Reggae For Life

Dub love Lithuania ~ Reggae For Life

A love story

Reggae music is truly love

Not always to be explained with the use of language as spiritual dialect is difficult to, or next to impossible to speak in any physical language, yet the “feel” is everything

Reggae rounds the globe, no matter the language spoken

The Japanese people choose dancehall as their mode of expression.  One of the most disciplined cultures on the planet, the Bushido code, the samurai, the Japanese revere Jamaicans and the dancehall culture as high art

And it is

I came across this clip of sound system and dub culture in Lithuania


Reggae knows no borders

We humans create definitive lines with genre and culture yet reggae / dub has none of those hang ups we share as residents of any culture

Reggae is love

Dub is love

I listen to these brothers speak in this interview and you KNOW that they feel the right feel

Cultural difference is irrelevant

Sound system love

Sound system love is necessary to global culture yet the Jamaican governments have never seen fit to elevate or monetize it.  As a matter of fact, they deliberately try to quash it and eliminate it out of the vibrant JA culture

Nothing more dangerous than a black colonizer and the Jamaican governments since 1962 are FULL of black colonizers abusing the people of Jamaica

Even in the woods, in this video, babylon shows up

Yet these youths string up the sound, play, dance and celebrate even in the face of the harassment from Johnny law
Canada has sound systems too

It is a necessity to feel deep bass and to share that with other dancing fools as yourself / myself.  It is a most beautiful feeling

It is truly a labor of love

Reggae For Life
The voice of the voiceless
Reggae Rising Again Needs You

Reggae Rising Again Needs You


Old flyer… Just reminiscing

I am no politician

I have zero interest in that puppet show

It takes a special human to choose such a grimy job in my opinion

My grandmother was Iris King, once the mayor for Kingston, Jamaica and possibly the only mayor to serve two terms of office.  She was certainly someone I and many in my family looked up to.  She was a member of the People’s National Party, a friend and advisor to Michael Manley and P.J. Patterson; she still carries clout in certain spaces in my life

Gaga, as I and others hailed her as, was a special human

I must take a moment to also mention her rival at the time Ms. Rose Leon as many Jamaicans have deep love for both of these women, no matter which side of the fence you may be, cause a woman in politics in the 1950s is easily an unheard of proposition for those times where many women, globally barely worked or had positions of power

My maternal grandmother, Lena Melbourne was a pharmacist back in the late 30s to the 40s and for many years of her life.  My grandmothers were boss ladies

My grandfather John Melbourne was a great man and died tragically in an explosion, working for the Jamaica Public service.  He seemed to be a revered man

Herman King, my other grand pops was a Choice Pilot for Grace Kennedy, bringing ships into the warf area.  A respected man by all accounts

Herman and Iris produced four children, Barbara, Hermon, Donald and Bentley

Donald is my pops

Unfortunately for me, pops took off to England, sometime in the early sixities and mom, Patricia, had us two to contend with (my sister Donna as well)

For most of my life, I lived what I considered to be a fairly “normal’ existence and for the most part, a very happy childhood
Through the years, Hermon and Bentley would check in on Donna, mom and myself, looking out for their brother’s family.  I am well grateful to my uncles for this.  The King Boys were like the three musketeers of old, “all for one and one for all” vibe which Hermon especially kept up his end of the bargain.  He not only checked on us but was a great mentor to me as a youth

Woody was a special soul {that’s what folks close to him called him}

Grandmother King the mayor and Woody, her son, a big RasTaman

By all accounts, mother and son were very proud of each other

Woody King

The folks who knew him can tell you more of his exploits with RasTafari, reggae music as a promoter of sorts as well as the character of this man.  Suffice to say that I hold Woody King in the highest regard

To give you the story of his life would be telling a Robin Hood, honest, conscious man, well loved by all his crew but was also known a no nonsense person and fairly quick to box a bwoy where necessary

One story, which we spoke of, was his life in Spanish Town

He told me that he and his wife went to live there and over a period of time more and more folks gathered to listen to charismatic Woody as a confidant as they read bible, chanted and lived respectfully.  It is rumoured that man like Bob, Peter and Bunny came for reasoning sessions with Woody

One day while Woody was by himself, fourteen {14} babylon showed up, beat him up and trimmed his locks.  When he recounted the story a couple years ago to me, I remember him saying that “there were just too many for him”

In that moment I knew that he did not go easily

I had always been aware of his defiance to injustice

I know that he was considered a dangerous man because of his affinity to justice and truth as well as very strong connections to RasTafari

Woody took the Jamaican Constabulary Police to court, sued them and won the case making it illegal to trim RasTafari, in Jamaica, to this very day

King vs Regina, you can look it up

Woody was a bongo man

Yet he was also from privilege as a youth

I once asked him why he chose RasTafari and he said, “Because they needed a voice”

He knew that he could make impact and he did

Even at the cost of brutality to himself

Woody helped to bring the Folks Brothers music, “Oh Carolina” to the world

Woody was a reggae man

And possibly my greatest influencer

I was way too young to have known all that he was doing yet several years after moving to Canada, my life with reggae, mirrors his as it pertained for the love of Jamaican music

I am grateful that he and I reconnected by phone over the years till he passed recently

We realized that DNA is a real thing…lol


An uncompromising, spiritual energy that flashes around the globe like a bolt of lightening

It is a genre of music that the babylonian has set its sights on to try and control, using the same tactics of brutality through the use of the corrupt politicians in all Jamaican governments and leadership

Before you jump up to defend the JA government, I will list a few things that tell you a truth

How are the artists in Jamaica living today who set the foundation for the music?

Are they making any money from the impact of their music globally?

Has the Jamaican government ever set up a pension program for ailing or broken men and women of reggae?

Why aren’t Jamaican artists given jobs at resorts to make a proper living?

Why are there no major concerts in Jamaica but nuff concerts all over Europe?

How many vinyl pressing plants are there currently on the island?  With the lucrative vinyl market making white children a ton of money, why doesn’t JA have a vinyl plant or two?

Why hasn’t the Jamaican government ever monetized the export of reggae to aid the economy (and I am not speaking of their use of Marley’s face for tourism selling}?  I mean the rich heritage of reggae and the hundreds of talented men and women doing it over the years till this very day, why isn’t it monetized?

Why are the colonizer government beating down the clash culture with soldier and police?

The list could go on for a few more pages but you catch my drift

The goal it seems is to kill the music at the root, with the use of colonizer governments with politicians eager to sell out Jamaican people and Jamaican culture

Their abusive is undeniable and decades long and clearly visible to the world and CONSISTENT over several decades now


Babsy Grange

I have never had the pleasure of meeting this lady yet she is the Cultural Minister in the Jamaica Labor Party (Her title much longer but yu get mi)

Ms. Grange lived in Canada for a bit and elevated the reggae community here.  Many mention her name

She booked events, created tours, advised artists, created a record label to sell reggae music.  She went back to Jamaica to do the same thing and take reggae to the world

She is consistently reggae

I trust her far more than I trust politicians because of her consistent work of elevating reggae music

She ought to be recognized and honored as a “reggae soldier” while she is still above ground and breathing

I believe she is the beacon of this time in which we live

The corrupt babylonian venom encircling the earth need reggae eradicated or controlled

This is not possible

Spiritual energy cannot be contained

Brutality and bigotry can be brought to the people but this only makes reggae stronger because reggae comes from the spirit of the ancestors brutalized by the colonial yolk.  The reactionary energy that oozes from oppression and abuse

“They” have made it clear

Only they can earn from reggae

We all want to eat food as well but nuh matta weh unnu do, reggae a go play.  We reggae soldiers will keep on keeping on even with the spiteful venom of the colonizer “sucking the blood of the sufferer”

Reggae For Life is my vibe

Canadian Reggae World is a website that I have maintained for close to twenty years as a conduit for reggae music.  We are not the most influential site yet here we still stand

All of the things that I used to rant about was a thought that when I became enlightened, I would spread the info, shine the light, folks could see the issue/s, change them and the world would be a better place

Yes naïve
I realize I am not writing to everybody

I also recognize “government” is perceived as bigger than me / us

Reggae is for life, so as we live and breathe, we must continue to seek the love, spirituality and sense of protection to those who cannot fight for themselves, which sometimes includes all of us

Yah man, reggae for life

~ ~ ~ 

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Denise Jones Canadian Reggae Warrior R.I.P.

Denise Jones Canadian Reggae Warrior R.I.P.

Denise Jones

Jones & Jones meant everything to me and many live reggae performers from Jamaica to Canada in the 80s – 90s

What an era shepherded by Allan and Denise

I worked down on Mowat Avenue back in the day when Jones & Jones had an office in the building.  It is where Denise and I created a relationship / bond of reggae love.  She loved and respected my passion and work ethic for IBADAN, the band that I managed at the time, and booked us on many of Jones & Jones events {folks thought that she managed IBADAN the amount of gigs we used to get…lol}

Jones & Jones and LIP {raspect always Lance Ingleton RIP} made reggae sweet back in the day

They motivated and encouraged us all and with the amount of gigs that were happening.  There were so many reggae acts to choose from to open up for international acts

As IBADAN was young at the time, I knew that we needed an international stage to showcase what we were about.  Denise booked us to open up for Tony Rebel at the El Mocambo

Our first international show!

We KILLED it!!!

The reviews in the Share and other community papers as well as on Community radio were so great, it truly launched the band to Toronto star status

Jones & Jones booked the band often and we opened for Culture twice, Gregory twice, Luciano and early days Jambana and a host of other events

Jones & Jones did this for many other performers within the culture as well

Booking IBADAN went on to give all of us belief that we could perform on the world stage/s and encouraged the first album “Do It” and other recordings since

Nothing like the band loading in for soundcheck at a gig and hearing Denise or Allan singing, “I need and I need and I need you” the lead track off the first album

Denise has left an indelible mark on this proud Canadian reggae culture

No one does not know or heard of Denise Jones

Rest in peace my reggae warrior queen

Your presence made reggae music culture a prideful thing here in Canada

Love you Denise Jones

CRW seeking Web Team

CRW seeking Web Team

I am eternally grateful for the path of interacting with humans that love reggae music

It is a lovely ride

No regrets

We ovastand a spiritual energy that cannot be contained that delivers the truths that are needed to be felt and heard

I feel like CRW works have aided in the upliftment of Canadian reggae vibez to a larger audience globally

Individual artists like Chester Miller, Blessed, Ammoye, Exco Levi and others promote themselves globally opening even more doors, making it easier for CRW as well as Toronto Reggae YYZ who work on reggae music every day, to showcase reggae vibez in a Canada


This is both an honor and a blessing for us, based on reggae love

How do we maintain daily reggae work?

We try things like merchandising.  Toronto Reggae t-shirts, RFL merch, live events, advertising and promotion, consulting as well as seminars to pay us for the works that we provide

With this much interaction our audiences continue to grow

Now that live has been eliminated by the current global circumstance, we will endeavor to be more interactive on our reggae websites

As we continue to create our own infrastructure as we must, CRW is seeking the right candidate/s to work with creating an opportunity to sell Canadian reggae music directly from the CRW site

An interactive music site for reggae as well as other black music in Canada

Honor – Respect – Integrity – Nobility

These are the standards we seek most in working with folks

RasTafari is the energy that guides my path and I seek those who live in and relate to that behavior in personal livity as well as doing business as such

Our goal obviously is to elevate sales opportunities for the genre as a whole by improving what the artists earn weekly, monthly or several years down the road

If you feel like you suit this situation and energy and want a conversation, please link up


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

RFL merchandise available year round, delivered to any place in North America.  Reggae For Life is a culture of respect

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​Remembrance Day 2020 Reflections

​Remembrance Day 2020 Reflections

No I cannot “celebrate” this the way they are and have been selling it to me
If these so called patriots are selling it, you know that it is the wrong energy.  The hatred and venom they brought and other “patriots” like that, confirm puppet behavior and maintain this continued violence to innocent human life
Blood sport
The ultimate blood sport
Bravery personified to “serve your country” and to risk your life for others.  Purple hearts abound as other innocent souls get murdered in order to earn them medals
What is it that “they” want me / us to remember about war?
In WW1, some 20 million children were murdered on the whim of decision makers and in WW2, another 80 million children were murdered
The people who send 100 million children to be murdered control the celebration of the passing of these children
Over 100 million children
Little boys as soldiers not even 18 years old yet.  Innocent women and children as well who were not soldiers but civilians in the wrong place and time
Keep your celebrations
If these people promoting Remembrance Day celebrations actually cared, we would see no hint of war for the duration of humanity, when we take into consideration the 100 million lives we took away; from whose decisions again?
Who decides to murder children to make a point?
To win some territory?
To plant a flag?
To secure poppy or oil fields?
To maintain the opium trade?
Control the world economy?
“To end communism”?
For religion?
To make the American dollar our trading currency as opposed to gold?
Let us murder and pillage and sacrifice the lives of innocent children, “taking orders”
Wow… a get out of jail free card because one has to follow orders
As we murder more innocent children on any side of the conflict
If these children’s lives meant anything, we would endeavor to never do this to other children
The people, the “patriots” who send our children to die are also the ones promoting this poppy day
I truly do not trust these evil humans or their track records since WW2 with the numbers of global conflicts since that time… Falkland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam etc, etc, etc…
I will remember the lost and murdered children / soldiers
I will mourn these children and try to stave off this cannibalistic murder brought by the “decision makers”
Remembrance Day should not only mourn loss but also a movement to hold these “decision makers” accountable for the lives of dead children / soldiers
Remember to look out for these abusive leaders
Fire all politicians that call for war
Remember to find the executive at Big Pharma, the Corporation or the Banker pulling these strings and hold them people accountable for the lives of children
Our children
I think we should ask a million vets their opinions before we engage into another “war”
We have the narrative that they fought for our freedom as we know it today
Well, I suggest that all presidents, prime ministers, politicians, the senate, ceos of pharma or other banking entities who vote to send our children to war, must immediately report to the frontlines next day with their wives, husbands and children of age, to be suited and booted
Right to the frontlines!
If they survive, they can get their jobs back
Everyone fights! No matter their age or health conditions since we are fighting for “our” freedom
Remember how controlled we are
Remember how insignificant our sons and daughters are to fiscal bottom line
Remember the numbers of injured and amputee veterans out in society still struggling today
Remember to question the decisions of rich people playing with poor people’s lives
Remember to ask questions
Remember to recognise the corporation/s that kills millions of humans in the name of “freedom” yet none of them or their children are on the battlefield risking life and limb
Remember to question why you accept this
Remember that you probably have no say in whatever happens with the trillions of trillions spent on “war”
I empathise with vets and their families for lost lives and limbs, physical and spiritual trauma, aka PTSD, so I remember to ask about this aspect of war
“Remember, No more war”
That is the mantra I hope to share going forward
There are so many thoughts and things to say yet I do hope that those who have suffered are not hurt or offended by these thoughts.  I am hoping to create dialogue, thoughts, shifts in spiritual energy to protect humans 
Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

​You don’t have to be a religious soul to grasp the Christian principles of God and Jesus, so I start out this way

Jesus has many sheep in his flock

His father God made Lions as well.  Jesus was one of His lions

“The Lion of Judah”

The sheep got together to try and make the world safe for themselves and in so doing; it attacks the lion spirit, created by the Almighty

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

All four only work with a humble spirit.  A MUST!

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility

Those engaged in bigotry and hate weaken the collective

Yes I am aware of yin and yang.  One cannot exist without the other yet we must see the truth of these behaviors, clearly define them and deal with the planet differently

There is cowardice in the abuses the planet is currently facing from children abductions / pornography coming from the “highest” levels of society to racism, to encouraged bigotry, gender confusions which we all are aware of yet talk is all we seem to have

I feel as helpless as the rest of us sheeple

Yet this might trigger ones who can affect positive change as well

What are the prices we must pay?

Who cares?

Honor ~ Respect ~ Integrity ~ Nobility



I am trying to write for effect in the hope that it penetrates the right person/s

I don’t know how

I am as sheepified as everyone else

With a humble spirit I will seek these things in my own behavior as well as those around me.  I demand it of myself, even if I fall short sometimes, as I demand it in all relationships.  I am not demanding sainthood, just a realness through a humble style

It creates a deeper love within

We can’t go wrong with love



Abuse now is as normal as breath

It is a part of the make up of everyone

It is a part of our day to day vocabulary and none of us is immune to giving or receiving abuse

Everyone is guilty

We speak of not engaging in toxic relationships but most only think that extreme cases are what we mean when we think of abuse so the less aggressive stuff gets ignored or given less attention

Our tolerance for abuse is pretty high

It cones from so many sources

Everyone in your life including self delivers abuse

It is like the air we need to breathe and to survive

We feel justified in our own forms of abuse which are things like, “I’m insecure, or Get a thicker skin, or Yu too soff, or You just can’t handle my truth, or I have had trauma in my life, or No one else complains, or You hurt me” or any manor of justifiable reasons

It is a survival mechanism

It is comfort and a defense mechanism and at times used to exert power over others

It may well be just human nature

A natural thing

Natural for all of us

But having said that, I am no fan of abuse and I believe I suffer from a lack of tolerance for it

Being an aggressive person, I am known for standing strongly with an argument or physical / verbal confrontations and not backing down and it is a thing I prided within myself, then I realize that I am succumbing to the abuse with the power of rage

I match the abuse with rage

Falling into the abusers path

I become a pawn of abuse

I realize that it crushes spirits and souls globally, including in my own circle/s

Sarcasm is weak behavior

It is given as a joke yet the deliverer believes that they hide their hate with a joke


No words are necessary to defend any abusive situation

Live well


Push the venom away

Your friends list will shrink but if they aren’t lifting you up spiritually, how are they friends?

Some have suffered great trauma and are unaware of their abusive behavior/s yet I have no need to absorb toxic energy from an external source.  Most of us have had to overcome levels of pain, some more than others yet if abuse come along with their outlook/s it is still not acceptable in my opinion

I do not choose abuse


I see it’s toxic path, weakening the spirits of loving souls

Human nature?

Is there a cure for abuse?

I’m not sure if there is one, yet I have zero interest in accepting it

Just sharing thoughts

Bless up 

CEO of You

CEO of You

The fear in this time for many, are the numbers of covid fatalities not matching the originally inflated numbers projected in February 2020 by or virology experts and our governments.  Many like me aware of a mortality rate of 99.6% globally or whatever that percentage is that they are currently reporting

Some welcome testing as well as mandatory vaccines hoping to save themselves from pending and predicted, super viruses in future times, while others cringe at the thought of poison being injected / infected into our systems

There is concern for the population control through economic means with some governments giving just enough money   to its citizen and with massive unemployment looming, all are prepared to take these “hand outs” to stave off eviction notices and to feed hungry children and ourselves.  We live in one of those countries, in Canada, that gives dollars to its citizens… There are many who cannot afford this, so even in these dire times, many feel somewhat grateful to have some fiscal support

The fear looms larger and larger with the upcoming uncertain future

The fear is debilitating for some / many, as cases of anxiety soar globally

All of this and much more and none of the decisions being made are seeking your or my council.  We are in a space where we are being led and it is a disconcerting feeling, similar to white water rafting down a fast river with no oars

So I became the CEO of Self

I do not figure into these global decision making laws and bylaws

With an uncertain future professionally, physically or spiritually, this company of self must elevate the things that I do have some control of, which are the physical and the spiritual

Many have no clue of what is next professionally.  Teachers, musicians, performers, service workers, retail workers and many more face uncertain futures at best

The new matrix seems to wish to eliminate certain things / jobs so this is beyond my control



Yet the upliftment of spirit and physical fitness have aided in alying many of these fears within me.  No matter what challenges the future holds, if I am not spiritually and physically healthy I will succumb to even greater pitfalls, so I uplift self through this time

I do have days of anxiety as well yet my calming spirit puts me back into perspective

I am the CEO of me

I am working for the company of me and the work is 24/7

A part of your work is to do nothing sometimes… Sit in silence, go for a walk or jog, focus on nutrition, sing and dance to music, work on the calm of family members, read, think, hustle your businesses, any direction is fine, but remember you are the company you work for

The CEO of you

Written always from feel 

RFL ~ Reggae For Life
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Fear is guiding these times that we are living in.  Our “leaders” are fulfilling their roles of keeping the populations of the world panicked, mirroring the media that is forced upon us

Fear can alter the spirit

Fix your spirit… stabilize your soul

No virus or vaccine can affect your souls

This is how you affect the physical world around you

The chaos and confusion is by design… none of us are confused by this

This is too much to process

Honoring your spiritual peace is your responsibility, no matter the distractions of poverty, family, illness…  comforting and grounding your spirit is on you

Remember, no virus or vaccine can affect your souls


Louis March needs the aid of this community to curb gun violence

My mindset is based on the love of my children and those of my friends

I love our children

Help me to help Louis to save these babies from the instituted tricks of the colonizer

They won’t ever change, but we can… We must


Starliners tonight… my Canadian reggae energy… Thursdays and Sundays

Organize and Centralize are great words of advice to apply to starliners show with Mally Bless and Tonya P

Canada’s reggae life and contributions are legendary so get on board because you see it for yourself

Blessed new tune ~ Dancehall Vaccine

Control Of the Music is The Control of the Spirit

Control Of the Music is The Control of the Spirit

Control of the music is the control of the spirit

This is what the babylonian decision makers have convinced themselves of

And they are one hundred percent correct in their analysis and worldwide execution of their control on the music industry

Control the music

The defiance, the love, the morality, the pain, the emotion, the message of music is a spiritual message that only needs to be heard or felt to allow the listener to vibe, feel and move in a different way

Lyric and sound are just as effective, together or apart

Without a spiritual thesaurus to speak a specific spirit language, feel is all we know

Babylon trying to hijack that

In a physical way, they have already done that and created large streams of revenue for their cause

It is clear what music does for the human spirit during chaotic, tragic, happy times.  It isn’t once that music carries us through times in our lives, uplifting us

Our happiest memories are taken up in music.  We have a song/s that takes us to specific memories

Physically, babylon owns that

Currently, musicians globally are shut down by a movement to control the music, stopping the players of instruments and singers

This controlling path feels deliberate in its application

Not a conspiracy.  I know nothing.  I am going off feel.  Music is the spirit so I can only move with feel on this one

Control the future message/s of the music

This is evident in their use of hip hop and dancehall to develop a glorification of drug and gun culture, having our children murdering each other

There are powerful, uplifting messages by many dancehall and hip hop artists being suppressed by the babylonian.  We have all had this very discussion a million times yet can do nothing to infuse positivity to the deliberately corrupt shitstym

Now more than ever we need our musicians


My message to all you spirit warriors out there, singer, song writers, horn players, cellists, bass, guitar, congo, drummers, cowbell and everyone, the spirit cannot be curbed

It cannot be controlled

It feels like a deliberate block on music

But it isn’t possible to block the spirit, the soul

Babylon only knows the physical.  They fully control the physical

The spiritual cannot be controlled

This isn’t an answer to fix anything

I felt a vibe, so I write again