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Fear is guiding these times that we are living in.  Our “leaders” are fulfilling their roles of keeping the populations of the world panicked, mirroring the media that is forced upon us

Fear can alter the spirit

Fix your spirit… stabilize your soul

No virus or vaccine can affect your souls

This is how you affect the physical world around you

The chaos and confusion is by design… none of us are confused by this

This is too much to process

Honoring your spiritual peace is your responsibility, no matter the distractions of poverty, family, illness…  comforting and grounding your spirit is on you

Remember, no virus or vaccine can affect your souls


Louis March needs the aid of this community to curb gun violence

My mindset is based on the love of my children and those of my friends

I love our children

Help me to help Louis to save these babies from the instituted tricks of the colonizer

They won’t ever change, but we can… We must


Starliners tonight… my Canadian reggae energy… Thursdays and Sundays

Organize and Centralize are great words of advice to apply to starliners show with Mally Bless and Tonya P

Canada’s reggae life and contributions are legendary so get on board because you see it for yourself

Blessed new tune ~ Dancehall Vaccine

Control Of the Music is The Control of the Spirit

Control Of the Music is The Control of the Spirit

Control of the music is the control of the spirit

This is what the babylonian decision makers have convinced themselves of

And they are one hundred percent correct in their analysis and worldwide execution of their control on the music industry

Control the music

The defiance, the love, the morality, the pain, the emotion, the message of music is a spiritual message that only needs to be heard or felt to allow the listener to vibe, feel and move in a different way

Lyric and sound are just as effective, together or apart

Without a spiritual thesaurus to speak a specific spirit language, feel is all we know

Babylon trying to hijack that

In a physical way, they have already done that and created large streams of revenue for their cause

It is clear what music does for the human spirit during chaotic, tragic, happy times.  It isn’t once that music carries us through times in our lives, uplifting us

Our happiest memories are taken up in music.  We have a song/s that takes us to specific memories

Physically, babylon owns that

Currently, musicians globally are shut down by a movement to control the music, stopping the players of instruments and singers

This controlling path feels deliberate in its application

Not a conspiracy.  I know nothing.  I am going off feel.  Music is the spirit so I can only move with feel on this one

Control the future message/s of the music

This is evident in their use of hip hop and dancehall to develop a glorification of drug and gun culture, having our children murdering each other

There are powerful, uplifting messages by many dancehall and hip hop artists being suppressed by the babylonian.  We have all had this very discussion a million times yet can do nothing to infuse positivity to the deliberately corrupt shitstym

Now more than ever we need our musicians


My message to all you spirit warriors out there, singer, song writers, horn players, cellists, bass, guitar, congo, drummers, cowbell and everyone, the spirit cannot be curbed

It cannot be controlled

It feels like a deliberate block on music

But it isn’t possible to block the spirit, the soul

Babylon only knows the physical.  They fully control the physical

The spiritual cannot be controlled

This isn’t an answer to fix anything

I felt a vibe, so I write again

311 Judas

311 Judas

311 Judas

We are designed to keep each other down

It isn’t just being competitive to strive and to aspire to our best selves and our best earning power, it is also ingrained to step on others in order to keep them in their place/s or push them further down

It is why 311 works so well

It has power, directly to those who “govern” us.  Each coward justifies their avarice and greed even if they have nothing to gain, except for the personal satisfaction of keeping someone else down

We NEED to make absolutely sure that no one but us rises to the fore

The money game

You need the right contacts as well as the right formula to elevate

The money game isn’t about the love of money.  It is about status

Status known or status perceived or just perverse personal satisfaction

Yet status is acquired

There is constant, daily, personal pursuit of this elusive status when you are only one of the seven billion ants / sheeple, statistically with zero chance of ever elevating your station from teenage years to retirement, so instead of only seeking status, we engage in pushing down total strangers, friends, relatives, siblings and even our own children

I thought of the type of coward who would call 311 and realize that it is most of us

Throughout the histories that we leaned, we are believe ourselves to be the heroes we glorify but most of us are not

We are Judas

“I can’t make it, but if I can help it, neither can you”

In all households globally there is one, two, or three of these Judas

If this piece bothers or offends you in any way, good, I am speaking directly to you


To many, this is actually a badge of honor creating what they hope is a better, cozier relationship with those that run the government or the law.  They are aware that the law is the power, so why go against it, even if it is unjust

Judas role

311 is perfect for Judas.  He or she can anonymously make the call and watch from a distance, glorifying themselves as the target of the call gets “the law”

Cowardice personified

Judas sleeps well that night knowing they did their Judas-duty.  They were able to keep another total stranger or someone we know personally in their place, or push them further down

311 Judas

Written from feel




This is how the so called one percenters manipulate us sheeple

They make us so angry we emote, instead of stopping the subject of the anger

Kill a nigger before the whole world and get  them screaming and marching, burning and looting, hiding under the bed, walk around in fear daily as a police car rolls by, facebooking our frustration/s, spend hours talking to friends and family about this new crime

Name them… Amidoo Dialo, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Lester Donaldson…

But they don’t stop do they?

We call these people demons and evil in an attempt to identify them for our notions of God.  God will get them for us.  No He won’t sheep

Step aside sheep, this isn’t a job for you

Yu nuh mek fe is.  Yu too soff

These evil people kinda enjoy you calling them evil actually.  More than insulted, they feel a sense of joy, a compliment even.  We are so superstitious in our fear of evil, it continues to give them the edge that they need to continue their evil

Go near them and they are protected by the police who they pay handsomely and give them power over the herd

When stressed with emotion based on world collapse from covid mismanagement by governments yet actually feels like a narrative of the evil, we wonder how we will survive the coming apocalypse

Our emotions blind our ability to go directly to the source

Emotion blinds

Emotion confuses

Human thing

In a loving space the dishonesty of the evil coward works best… it runs our emotions to the peak because we sheeple trust them from birth

We all trust them

The Hippocratic Oath.  It took me a minute to realise the connection to the word hypocrisy and Hippocratic

Emotion towards big pharma clouds our judgement very successfully

Some doctors, pharmacists, oncologists will hate on this but they are a part of the Hippocratic process hence have lost my trust and respect.  Funny thing is, some have already figured this out and left their various professions to focus on true healing.  They ovastand that fighting big pharma is futile so they do what they do in their own families and communities

This becomes dangerous work if they are found out

Hippocratic Oath

They do not hide what they do

Emotion blocks any ability we may have of effecting change on these folks whose systems seem quite complex and unbeatable

Emotion destroys our ability to move them, even if we know them

Venting as usual

I have no answers ever

I realize more and more that I don’t know much.  An expert on nothing

But emotions come over me as well

So when I feel it, I write

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I don’t know the artist but this is beautiful… who is this?

Division ➗

This is the most successful of the babylonian construct and its success is dependent on the cooperation of each of us

We enthusiastically comply

First we jump on “the point” like vaxx / anti-vaxx, racism, sexism, liberal, conservative, mask / anti-mask… you get the picture and we discredit the intellect or personality of the opposing points of view, with hate and venom

We then choose like minded ones who agree with us, to confirm how right you must be to have so many agree with you so those who do not agree must be idiots

The division weakens us because it leads to anger and violence

We are currently more hateful hence weaker as a species

Toxicity is now our norm

Discredit the character of others in a hope to elevate self


This is weak behavior and it is highly prevalent in this time

“I’m right and everyone else is an idiot”


We have raised weaker and weaker generations over the past 100 years.  The erosion of empathy, compassion and humility is totally complete

We have succeeded in weakening the morality of the human race

If we listen to the Christian faith, this has been predicted a long time ago and this is totally natural, on a path to “end of times”

I write this because I too have this burning anger constantly from the abusive behavior of racism so ingrained in the global psyche.  I am pissed daily because many expect me to accept their hatred

Some have this anger because they are female and live in a globally abusive pattern of behavior that is centuries long

There are many other abuses too numerous to mention but we only have time to focus on what irks us most hence we have zero tolerance or patience for mental illness, unemployment, homelessness, climate change or any other distraction that doesn’t pertain directly to our existence


We have been successfully divided so conquering is easy

It takes a loving path, a spiritual strength that we no longer possess as a species to get over this hate and venom

We possess this humility and love individually but won’t use it because kindness is viewed as weakness.  We must wear our masks of anger and hate so folks are aware that we aren’t to be fucked with.  No time for love and empathy

Seems futile, I’m aware

I write always from feel and no, the information isn’t new yet always trying to reach someone (a bunch of some ones) who see and feel this, who have the ability to redevelop humility and love, hence greater integrity among humans across the planet


They do feel and sound futile within the onslaught of venom and hate yet my loving energy still exists so I keep communicating

Love, the word so many use as the beacon of hope and it is definitely that yet we can’t wait for the herd to figure this out and move together because that will never happen.  You / we need to make an individual choice to do this

It takes individual integrity and honor to move on this path

You and only you 

​~ ~ ~ ~

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The weaponizing of music

Those who tell me “conspiracy theory” you are correct

For those who live this with me, keep reading

They created “intellectual property” monopolized the marketplace trying to control a spiritual entity that music obviously is

It is written with souls, communicating to other souls

Lyrics at times




A spiritual message given to one soul and it connects to other souls

Music my people…  You know what I’m saying

They allow us to aid them in controlling the market with our access to music on any platform available

“The Message” is in the music

They know this

They are successfully shutting it down and then squeezing though the eyes of their control.  No spiritual messages will reach the people if they can help it

And we are aiding them to achieve this

I most certainly am

I’m currently listening to a mix on a CD by Deejay Scootz, with songs on it with Morgan Heritage, Chronixx, Jesse Royal and mush more


I did not pay any of those individuals.  Scootz is sharing a musical love and energy that he knows that I need and I have wrinced this mix for three days now.  In between playing this I’m on YouTube listening to any unlimited amount of music as some spin vinyl while other on Spotify and SoundCloud and MixCloud.  We are aiding the machine

What is the alternative?

I have no clue

I’m just writing some feels and thoughts

Maybe someone else sees this as I’m seeing it and I get to ask the question as they create the answers

The machine uses the largest show promoter to crush the rest of the industry

All of this is news to no one

We are the music

Controlling a spiritual entity is not a possibility

The words are put to all who feel this like I do

“I Don’t want to Die”

“I Don’t want to Die”

I don’t want to die

The last words out of the mouth of a 17 year old who was shot recently.  I learned this on the phone today from Louis March

These are your children

Your children

Our babies are beset by a dark energy giving finance and firearms, in a belief that they have true power, all be it for a fleeting moment, before they are murdered

Your politicians and police are a part of this dark energy, facilitating our children with this “power”.  This isn’t about bad parenting as much as it is a level of helplessness, out of a system set up by corporations, as most treat it as a “conspiracy theory”

Tears in my eyes as I write the words, picturing any of my babies in that predicament, saying those words as their life essence leaves their bodies

I don’t want to die

Ovastand the situation

You cannot relate to this level of elevated hate.  Hate of the rival infused by a hatred of self, preyed upon by the colonizer corporations, using our children as fodder

Talented, beautiful children

Jane and Finch, Rexdale, Scarborough, Malton, North York, Brampton, Sauga, wherever

Talented, beautiful souls, living hard and dying harder

Picture yourself or one of your children in that predicament

Most live in dread and fear constantly

This is no life

And this is all some have

None of these places or these children make guns!  They are filtered in by the most corrupt of all systems they we are all helpless against because it comes from corporations paying our officials to continue the murdering.  It is an investment to corruption

Our children

My instincts lead me to believe that John Tory is an integral part of this corrupt system

We won’t ever see change with this clown in office

Some of you know this truth yet feel helpless like I do

All I can do is to write about it

The degradation is deliberate in order to keep us angry


My observations of John Tory’s work towards the community let me know that this politician is a part of our problem

Not blaming Tory though

He is a small part of the corporate corruption.  A pawn in the system!  The power is higher than him

Jamaican, Somali, Ghanaian elders, parents needed to reach these children who wish to live

The shitstym is set up to deliberately take out our youth

The system / government depend on the profits of the murder of black children.  Death makes money for the system
{Police, forensics, first responders, doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical expenses, jail housing, funerals}

Each death / shooting pays all of these people and more, which is all profit to the system

Note how many times I used the word helpless or helplessness


More from the convo with Louis:

You will find that if you love your children, you will love many children

If you loved your childhood, you would want that for all children


“Stay home”, is the standing order in Jane & Finch today

Do not go for walks in that community or Rexdale for that matter

This is not new

Many are aware of this truth


“Why are we not speaking about Regis?” I asked Louis?  A young woman thrown of a twenty four {24} story building by “the system”.  How is this investigation going?


“The postal code in which you live, dictates the quality of life that you live in Toronto” Louis March

Look into what that truly means

“Why are we forced to think about dying?”

“I fear living more than I fear dying” 15 year old to Louis March

The system has won… Our children are helpless

‚ÄčThe Hypocrite Within

‚ÄčThe Hypocrite Within

​The Hypocrite Within
Who are you?
Why are you awkward?
Everyone else seems so at ease, happy, interactive and getting along
{Is this the moment I tilt my head back with laughter and get right back in line so no one notices my awkwardness?}
Pretending all is well, every place you go, yet still fulljoying amazing experiences along the way, parties, clubs, concerts, family gatherings…
Who is the real you?
What is the real you?
We all sense your fear
We can see exactly the fraud that you are
You are afraid the real you does not measure up
The hypocrite knows the road code
The hypocrite kicks in with the anger and boldness
Pretend bravado
The hypocrite is a vaxxer / masker
The hypocrite is an anti-vaxxer / anti-masker
The hypocrite knows the story makes no sense yet chooses sides in a ton of distracting arguments and conversations
To fear certain scary futures is too much for the hypocrite
You choose the safest side or the side that moves with your reality
The hypocrite fears the truth of helplessness of an insignificant existence of one eight billion… more or less
You believe in fate as well as randomness
The hypocrite within makes the best of this current existence knowing you are getting played but must choose a side continuing organized abuse of humans
The hypocrite saves our psychological health by creating safe existences
One in thirteen people is a Judas if I go with biblical math
You trust nothing and no one because that’s a lot of Judas’s calling 311
You know that you are being lied to
You feel it
The fear is real
Helplessness against the organizers
You go along to get along
Through all of the hurts and pain, somehow you feel grateful for your life anyway
The hypocrite is helping you to survive
~ ~ ~
I am of course having this conversation with my third person

Writing from feel


The only “right” we need to tell our children is the that it does not need the consent of any other human

No man can give any man rights

Stop asking for them


Intelligent words mean nothing to the colonizer coward… stop talking to them

Yes they control the global marketplace in every and all aspects, so we do feel like we must ask permission to live.  That’s what it feels like to many; black and white

The human spirit is a universal gift.  It is not man made so it does not need permission from any human


Abuse is used to maintain order

They call it “the law”

The law has nothing to do with neither honesty nor integrity.  It is a construct of those who need the human race to be weak and dependent, easily distracted and compliant

We are compliant

We are afraid

“Everyone wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die”

We are weak and hypocritical

We blame each other for getting this all wrong and argue for others to follow what we believe to be a truth.  We abuse and insult each other, each walking away exasperated that “everyone else is so blind”

We are all blind

We are all abusive

We are all scared


It truly brings out our worst energies and traits

Your “right” is to complete your task

Your task of living your best life

If misery makes you happy, be miserable.  That is your task

My right is life

It does include the daily abuses in the news, governments, laws, officials, ceo’s, presidents… laws

A butterfly flits by and does not know or adhere to any man made laws

“Be like water my friend”

The suffering is hard to know about and to not have it affect our very souls yet we must live to our fullest, encouraging others to do the same


Such a confusing topic for me, as being a part of the herd of sheep, I am as brainwashed as the rest, indoctrinated into our court/s of law which are set up to degrade humans

Yet we trust the court system?

We have no need to fight for rights

We need to focus on “murder by law”

“Buck busting”

This was the practice of the colonizer plantation owner of sodomising male slaves while the other slaves were gathered to witness which had the desired effect of scaring those gathered

Control through abuse

Breanna Taylor

George Floyd

Lester Donaldson

Murder by law

Modern day buck busting


As a black person, you may know what ALL of “your rights” are but the trick is to get the colonizer to give a fuck about them, which they never have and never will



While we “fight for our rights” we fall for the deception for no man owns any man’s rights

Freedom is personal

We must individually choose freedom

It cannot be given or taken away as it is a deeply spiritual energy within all humans

Your spiritual upliftment is obviously personal.  We let in the energies that we choose to dwell on; positive and negative

Living free is difficult to explain because I don’t know if any in this generation ovastands if we are actually free

It is obvious to many that we are far from free… physically as well as spiritually yet the only freedom is within the spirit that we all have the ability to affect

Whatever the external / physical distractions, we choose at times how to deal with each event

A free spirit chooses a path to peace and serenity

An enslaved spirit knows only abuse

See and speak the truth to self

Not your or any other perception

The truth

Speak truth to self

Freedom lies within this truth


You have a right to be free to connect with the universe as only you can

Your rights are you

Preserve self

Self love shines out to the community and builds more love

Rights are our distraction

No need to fight for a thing that cannot be taken by any man

Again, I write from feel

Norman Otis Richmond Interviewed by Chaka V. Grier, October 2, 2020 – 7 PM

Norman Otis Richmond is Toronto’s Black music historian emeritus

With more than 50 years in, around and beyond the music business, his work has explored art, politics and everything in between. Host of “Diasporic Music” (once on CKLN-FM, now online) and co-founder of the Toronto chapter of the Black Music Association he is expert in the many cross-currents of Black musical manifestations from jazz to traditional African to soul and much more

This event picks up where our summer “Music Gallery at Home” Interviews left off and features journalist Chaka V. Grier (NOW Magazine, Musicworks) diving deep with Otis to relate old and new stories about a continuum which only grows stronger with each passing year.

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