Bullying is nature

It is nature itself

Predator and prey

In all of the oceans, every animal becomes both every moment of their existence.  Fish eat plankton, big fish eat small fish, octopus eat lobster and fish, eel eats octopus, orca eats whale, orca eats whale and shark, shark eat orca… you get the picture


It is possible that we are tackling this bullying issue with the wrong message/s

It may be possible to create a different narrative if we accept the nature of this subject of bullying if we speak the truth of the innate, instinctive nature in all living things

We are built to bully

Insecurity and fear probably play huge roles in both predator and prey for humans

Insecurity and fear fuels the bully.  The bully, surrounded by his or her clique, notices what the prey is wearing or hair style or whatever ‘flaw’ that they know that the crew will laugh at.  Each day is a new day for entertaining the immediate clique, classroom, work environment, sport/s arena etc;

The more competitive among us are lauded over for the ‘killer instinct’ so in a place where we need to call on those energies, our goal then is intimidation.  This plays out in any and many scenarios daily

If we strive for anything where there is competition we dig down, work harder than the rivals and express great pride if we win and celebrate the accomplishment.  Each ‘victory’ hones those skills and to the vanquished, the victor, with all of the aggression and drive can sometimes now be viewed as a bully.  Sometimes we need to bully if we want that win.  At times we need to embrace that bully mentality

If we speak honestly of the bully within we may create a more effective narrative to our children

“Do not bully” is not an effective alternative because it is not working

We compliment the behavior and trait yet “don’t bully” in the next sentence goes against nature?


Speak the truth to ourselves first before we speak to our own children

The “don’t bully” scolding loses credibility if your children have ever felt bullied by you in any circumstance or older siblings in the home bully the ‘littler’ ones which is prevalent in many families… not to mention sexual abuse by parents, aunts and uncles, family friends, boyfriends and so on.  Bullying is in all aspects of life

It is natural

It is necessary at times

Sometimes the bully needs to be bullied right back

As a youth growing up, I didn’t like being bullied by others so it increased my lion vibes to where I became confident that trying to bully me was detrimental to the opponent.  I became stronger because I was bullied.  I stepped up and met that challenge and am most grateful today that most around me don’t try and those that do, meet “the dragon” {the name I give to the spirit that rises inside me to confront bullies}

Though bullying lessons were painful at times, I am grateful for the dragon.  He protects me and many in I n I circle

Own the behavior in self

The message is more effective to our children if they see that you acknowledge when you use your bully on a total stranger in a public space or against the child, public or in private.  Our messages are useless if we don’t admit to our own bully within

Their nature, their DNA and your behavior, are stronger messages than “don’t bully”

Why would they trust this silly message with inconsistent behavior coming from their mentor/s?

Connect with your inner bully and accept it.  In this way we can better control our urges to unnecessary aggression to vulnerable people within our environment and teach realer messages to our children

Your inner bully needs to be confronted before you can deliver that truth to your own children.  Without this truth we are spinning our wheels with this issue

Bullying is an individual choice

I’m pretty sure it can never be stopped yet it can be modified to a personal choice

Personal acceptance

The current message is hypocritical and obviously, totally ineffective because it is wrong.  It focuses on the act as opposed to the reality that it is a natural thing

Bullying is constant

Every day

The solutions I believe are in changing this useless narrative and owning the behavior.  The hypocrisy of the message is seen and felt by innocent children who realize that the adult is totally full of shit.  Their innocent minds can see right through the dumbass messages we regurgitate without question.  We are sheep to this idiotic narrative

You as an adult, you have never faced your own bully.  You have never labelled it or acknowledged it so your children see you as a fraud.  They will NEVER hear your hypocritical lecture on a topic they instinctively know that you know nothing about
Bullying can NEVER be stopped

Yet it can be acknowledged differently and possibly change the narrative to a far more effective message that can resonate with ourselves and to our children

Again, I write from feel

The folks who make anti-bullying laws are our biggest bullies

They make hypocritical treaties with Native humans, they publicly abuse black people making laws about slavery, free trade, peace keeping forces, abusive murder of innocent, UNARMED black people, when women can vote or speak, how to wear your hair, female birth control, women’s bodies and how they must use it…. again you get the picture

Our “law makers” are our biggest “enemy” as it pertains to bullying as they are the biggest assholes and bullies and for some reason we are asking them to make anti-bullying laws?  Why would they?  They profit every minute with bullying tactics

The law

There were laws that forbade women and black people to read or to vote.  The SAME people run your government today
Anti-bulling laws from the bully that is government is a futile exercise as any child can see and feel the hypocrisy

Protect the village yourself

The government does not care one iota about the children except for the anti-bullying grants that they pay to themselves, while our children get rap sheets and become victims to gun violence, so the premiere of Ontario can give the police $25 million more to the police to bully better


Do it in your circle

Come to grips with your own bully.  Ovastand its place, its nature and when to break it out and when you are being abusive

No, we can’t save the world but we can change our immediate space in our families, or villages, our children’s school/s

Protect their lives


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This tune resonated with me, as Buju as is creating the narrative of a “Steppa” being a person of integrity… not a shotta or a petty thief 

​We do need more Steppa’s inna de world

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