Black Survivors ~ Equal Rights & Justice

Illustration By Adrian Hayles of actress / model Stacey McKenzie
Systemically targeted

Not playing the blame game, just pointing out what is directly in your faces.  If I can plainly see this, because they aren’t trying to hide it… it has never been any different… there is an agreed upon systemic abuse of the youth in our society

Money away from social programs to money for the police by the same premiere of Ontario

Our children are now attacking our children

And we turn blind eyes because we chose to

Parents of children 12 – 14 – 17 – 20 years old, are terrified daily / nightly, of other people’s children attacking them and at times taking their life

This is the message that these children are sharing obviously because this is what is being manifested right now.  They are following blindly because we don’t have another effective message to guide them

Us lazy parents now need to parent

“We need protection from our own children” is what we all saying at times and the police have a program in place to facilitate just this

Watch certain children’s behavior during high school, give them enough charges, create a long standing relationship with these youths, who are now easily expendable in the eyes of the law and the public perception, this media, driven madness, rinse and repeat

14 – 17 year olds already have rap sheets

At the beck and call of this system for the rest of their lives

“They” have succeeded in turning us against our children and our children against us, very seamlessly

“Those animals” are someone else’s children so black people differentiate among ourselves, not realizing that we are criminalizing ALL black children.  EVERYONE!!!

Forget about black children… These are helpless human children that we can give some information/s about the road ahead.  It’s like as adults, we can’t wait to have the younger generation fail more than we did

I believe that they are smarter than us

They have us, plus their ancestors… they are better than us

We need their innocent eyes and souls… we must learn to trust them… they have seen more than you through you and your ancestors on both sides of mom and dad in spiritual time

Yes, experience is also HIGHLY necessary

We NEED our elderly… We need them guiding us as age creeps up and how to travel that journey… to teach a necessary wisdom that they have to impart to us because they were given that message, specifically for us

Protect your elderly

Sounds like confusion to me too yet it “feels” right to me


Yet no balance is forthcoming as the system seemingly is too far in motion for there to ever be a change

Corruption is easily paid for

At any price, full control is worth it

Yet maybe all I am capable of doing, is articulating the thought/s; as usual, a query to the universe.  Maybe someone else has the solution to this and other questions, trying to minimize the constant abuse

Shining a light does nothing when it is the police… a situation directly instituted to do exactly what is happening now

No one doesn’t not know

We just recognize the futility of that information

It is also clear that if there are any collective, constructive moves to elevate the black community is lead with aggression from said system.  It is the programming.  The attacks on the so called Black Panther movement proves the point

Black Panther was probably chosen to intimidate “whitey”, focussing on militant behavior, to force equally rights and justice

It is viewed as militant to not think one self inferior to any other one

I’m not preaching or speaking militancy, I hope that I am affecting a thought process to elevate no matter the physical or spiritual abuses thrown at the process by said system

We have clearly seen the process played out.  There are memorable speeches by Haile Selassie I, Marcus Garvey, Dr. King, Malcolm, Patrice, Rev. Farrakhan, Marley, Tosh, preaching equality and love, with busts and statues around the globe yet the message/s of pride in self through self reliance are still repeatable today

We are willing passengers in this ruse because any sort of change to it seems futile

Yet they all speak the same message


The message


It is an individual one

They are speaking to me

Just me… I don’t always quote their words, but I try to do how / what they do

The responsibility of this is self

That is their message I believe

We are forced to evolve beyond the systemic brutality

I ask questions

I shone my light

I hope the right solution is taking that light and passing it on

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