Balance the Masculine & The Feminine ~ Heal The Planet

Been conversing with a few folks, written a few articles about a lot of subjects from racism to music to love to anything

The process of this brain continues to articulate intellectual thought to try and make some sense of the hatred and pain of humanity and watching this behavior weaken this planet to the core with climate change, bigotry, organized racism elevating police brutality, weakened ozone, gmo foods, sexism, the murder of native populations, the continued rape of Jamaica by the head of the colony

Where would one ever begin to ‘fix’ this world?

Where is the starting point?

I realize that all of the venting that I have ever done continues to push me to search for “the lost city” which is “the answer” to all of this earthly pain and suffering endured by so many

I know that the answer is right in front of me

In front of all of us

We actually know this answer

We just don’t know how to change the minds of those old school white men who still run this planet who have never respected their own women

They have always treated them as less

Many of these women will accept abuse from their white male abuser so that white privilege is maintained.  Many of these white women enable these spiritually inept, cowardly white males either from tradition or from fear

The change that is necessary for human growth lays in simply elevation our feminine energy.  That powerful energy that flows through all life

We must recognize with pride howthis feminine and masculine act in accordance, in true balance, to elevate spiritual energy
Masculine & Feminine

Feminine & Masculine
The degradation of the colonial master to his women permeates disrespect to all women globally

I encourage the lioness in all of the women in I n I life

I now have to educate the lions of the feminine energy in all man and treat that with great pride and humility as women celebrate the masculine within themselves

Both this masculine and feminine exist in different degrees in all living beings

Yin and Yang

The abuses to woman globally, weakens our society

Our world

If we do not elevate our woman we can’t elevate our race globally

I’m speaking a truth that so many know yet this starts with you

We MUST balance the Masculine with the Feminine and our colonial masters cannot lead this spiritual path

Only you can

Heal our woman, heal our planet

Sounds like a lovely slogan and may raise some feelings of celebration yet that’s not what it’s for

It is a blatant truth as I see it

How does one heal hundreds of thousands of years of abuse to women by men?


Yet we can teach our children today of the masculine and feminine energies within all life and that this is a spiritual path that anyone can follow.  No government can make a law to mandate that, nor should they be able to

Revere and elevate our woman and our race elevates

It is my belief that this isn’t exactly an intellectual conversation but more of a spiritual one.  It is difficult to articulate the spiritual so we must seek, create or find that spiritual vocabulary in order to communicate this to all sentient beings

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