Art is Life ~ Life is Art


I do not know the artist that painted this… If someone knows, please contact and give I man their contact… This is an outstanding piece ~ canadianreggaeworld@gmail.com
Coming to grips with the “art life”

I’m an artist

What does that truly mean?

It means all aspects of my life  are carried out through a lens in my mind’s eye, that guides my every step, conversation, emotion, style, love, quiet…

I need quiet

Music is a lovely muse

Art is truly life itself

It is unique only to you

Singer, dancer, illustrator, athlete, player of instrument, chef

It cannot be accurately described or defined

No one but you must guide your art

Opinions, criticisms and compliments are necessary… in this way you know that your art moves the choice of the opinion and the need to verbalize or write about the art

The more opinions, positive or negative, is how much your art impacts the world

Making art for opinion is giving someone else the pen to write in your own book

It is not arrogance

You were brought here for you

Do you

No one else is you

Art is everyone and everything

All in varying degrees

Not everyone is Michael Jackson, Chopin, Picasso, Marley or Pele

Know your role

Know your lane

No matter how gifted or limited in talent, please display your art

Life is art

​~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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This performance from our Youtube channel features a vibe from a Feel Reggae performance by Michie Mee 

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