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The success of radio and advertising is eyeballs and eardrums!

www.Torontoreggae.cawww.rootzreggaeradio.ca and www.canadianreggaeworld.com along with bundown360 are pooling talents and reach to hopefully expand the reach of Canadian reggae media.

We are joining forces!

All of you can find out whom and where each company reaches.  We have many crossover clients yet we also have patrons loyal to each site.   We have all seen the power in the genre of reggae music and believe in its (reggae music) path and separately we have forged our own paths in bringing it to the people.

So now we are going to bring the positive influence of our numbers together as we create commercials for play on www.rootzreggaeradio.ca

A direct outlet to the reggae fan.  A specific fan!

We have researched what advertising costs ($800.00 – $1,000.00 or more / week) are on mainstream radio where we hope to touch their audiences of thousands, even in the hundreds of thousands as reggae is a global entity.

We can create your commercial in an effective manner, closer to the soul and sound of reggae music to air on www.rootzreggaeradio.ca weekly shows to be produced by Bundown360.  We also bring our collective media presence on a unified front.

Listen to some of the work by Belinda Brady who has the experience as production manager for Flow 93.5FM, Chry 105.5FM and G98.7FM.

Our goal is to bring the reggae market to bear on businesses, events and concerts.

For $600.00 / month we are ready to create commercials for those who seek the reggae market.
Sample ad.  We provide the audio.

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