Abuse now is as normal as breath

It is a part of the make up of everyone

It is a part of our day to day vocabulary and none of us is immune to giving or receiving abuse

Everyone is guilty

We speak of not engaging in toxic relationships but most only think that extreme cases are what we mean when we think of abuse so the less aggressive stuff gets ignored or given less attention

Our tolerance for abuse is pretty high

It cones from so many sources

Everyone in your life including self delivers abuse

It is like the air we need to breathe and to survive

We feel justified in our own forms of abuse which are things like, “I’m insecure, or Get a thicker skin, or Yu too soff, or You just can’t handle my truth, or I have had trauma in my life, or No one else complains, or You hurt me” or any manor of justifiable reasons

It is a survival mechanism

It is comfort and a defense mechanism and at times used to exert power over others

It may well be just human nature

A natural thing

Natural for all of us

But having said that, I am no fan of abuse and I believe I suffer from a lack of tolerance for it

Being an aggressive person, I am known for standing strongly with an argument or physical / verbal confrontations and not backing down and it is a thing I prided within myself, then I realize that I am succumbing to the abuse with the power of rage

I match the abuse with rage

Falling into the abusers path

I become a pawn of abuse

I realize that it crushes spirits and souls globally, including in my own circle/s

Sarcasm is weak behavior

It is given as a joke yet the deliverer believes that they hide their hate with a joke


No words are necessary to defend any abusive situation

Live well


Push the venom away

Your friends list will shrink but if they aren’t lifting you up spiritually, how are they friends?

Some have suffered great trauma and are unaware of their abusive behavior/s yet I have no need to absorb toxic energy from an external source.  Most of us have had to overcome levels of pain, some more than others yet if abuse come along with their outlook/s it is still not acceptable in my opinion

I do not choose abuse


I see it’s toxic path, weakening the spirits of loving souls

Human nature?

Is there a cure for abuse?

I’m not sure if there is one, yet I have zero interest in accepting it

Just sharing thoughts

Bless up 

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