A-Trane Calendar [Thursday October 6th 2016 – Sunday October 16th 2016]

This is a highly subjective calendar of things going on around the lower mainland of Vancouver in the next week – mostly jazz but not always …
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A-Trane Jazz (etc) Events Calendar:

Thu [Oct 6]:——————————————————————–
* CJBS Happy Hour: Willie MacCalder – Frankie’s Jazz Club (4-6pm) [No Cover]
* VIFF Music Film: I Called Him [Lee] Morgan – Rio Theatre (6:30pm)
* Rogue Folk Club: Guy Davis – St. James Hall
* CJBS: Burrows/Morena Quartet- Frankie’s Jazz Club
* Coco Jafro – Guilt & Co [Gastown]
* Arnt & the Plenty Rhythm – St Michael’s Hall
* Kevin Elaschuk Trio With Bill Coon/Steve Holy – Tangent Cafe (8:30-11:30pm)

Fri [Oct 7]:——————————————————————–
* A-Trane Radio Program: Two Trains Runnin’ Film Interview – 100.5FM or http://www.coopradio.org (2:30-5:30pm)
* CJBS Happy Hour: Willie MacCalder – Frankie’s Jazz Club (4-6pm) [No Cover]
* Chelsea McBride & Jamie Hicks- Gallery Bistro (Port Moody) (6:30pm)
* Gabriel Mark Hasselbach & LJ Mounteney – Pinnacle Hotel, North Van
* Ladies Sing The Blues w. Alita Dupray, Leslie Harris, Nadine States, Jaclyn Guillou etc – Edgewater Casino
* Rogue Folk Club: Birds of Chicago – St. James Hall
* Jazz Casual: Van Django – University Women’s Club, Hycroft
* Vancouver Symphony: Return to the Cotton Club w. Byron Stripling – Orpheum
* CJBS: Dave Robbins Sextet – Frankie’s Jazz Club
* Paul Plimley/Clyde Reed/Kenton Loewen – Waterlou House Concert
* Old Cabin (Whitehorse) // Pony Girl (Ottawa) // Parkland (Vancouver)- Merge (10pm)

Sat [Oct 8]:——————————————————————–
* Norm Quinn & The Q5 Jazz Collective – Pat’s Pub (3-7pm) [FREE]
* VIFF Music Film: Two Trains Runnin’- Rio Theatre (3:15pm)
* VIFF Music Film: Gimme Danger [Iggy Pop] – International Village Cinema (4:30pm)
* La Garufa International Tango Festival – Vancouver Hellenic Centre (7pm)
* Vancouver New Music: Vancouver Electronic Ensemble – VCC Atrium [FREE]
* CJBS: Dylan Cramer Quartet – Frankie’s Jazz Club
* Chad Makela – Merge

Sun [Oct 9]:——————————————————————–
* Jazz Vespers: Jennifer Scott/Rene Worst/Bernie Arai – St. Andrew’s-Wesley (4pm)
* Jazz Vespers: Rosemary and Sweet Sound Revival – Northwood United Church, Surrey (4pm)
* Cole Birney-Stewart Quartet – Tangent Cafe (6-9pm)
* Jam Session w. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Sylvia Hotel (7-9pm)
* VIFF Music Film: Playing Lecuona w. Chucho Valdes, Michel Camilo & Gonzalo Rubalcaba- SFU Goldcorp (9:15pm)

Mon [Oct 10]:——————————————————————–
* New Orchestra Workshop Improvisation Series – Western Front (3:30-5:30pm & 6-8pm) [FREE]
* Thanks for the Music: Only A Visitor / Red Moon / Skim Milk – Fox Cabaret
* Jam Session w. Trevor Whitridge Quartet – The Yale (9:15pm)

Tue [Oct 11]:——————————————————————–
* Wild Years Radio Program – 100.5FM or http://www.coopradio.org (2:30-5pm)
* Dalannah’s Thank You Vancouver Party – Fairview Pub (6:45pm)
* NOW Society INsphere Session #7: Mural w. Lisa Cay Miller/Chance improvisations – Merge
* Sawdust Collector Series: Sick Boss New Works w. Barbara Adler – Gold Saucer (9pm)

Wed [Oct 12]:——————————————————————–
* CJBS Happy Hour: Cory Weeds w. Brad Turner – Frankie’s Jazz Club (4-6pm) [No Cover]
* Tom Arntzen – Provence Marinaside (6-9pm) [No Cover]
* Jazz Evensong: Andrea Menard – Brentwood Presb. Church, Bby
* Bill Clark/Dylan Van der Schyff/Clyde Reed/Jared Burrows – Presentation House, North Van
* Vancouver Symphony Orchestra At the Movies: Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho – Orpheum
* MURAL (Kim Myhr, Ingar Zach, and Jim Denley) – VCC Auditorium
* Sweet & Hot Wednesdays: Jen Hodge All-Stars – Guilt & Co [Gastown]

Thu [Oct 13]:——————————————————————–
* CJBS Happy Hour: Ron Johnston – Frankie’s Jazz Club (4-6pm) [No Cover]
* Jennifer Scott/Rene Worst/Bill Coon – Roedde House Museum (7pm)
* Vancouver New Music Festival: Mechanical Music Adam Basanta/Sabrina Schroeder/Lucas Abela – Orpheum Annex
* CJBS: Leora Cashe Quintet Presents Swing It Now Sing It- Frankie’s Jazz Club
* Chris Fraser Quartet – Tangent Cafe (8:30-11:30pm)
* Tal Wilkenfeld – Biltmore Cabaret (9pm)
* Malcolm Aiken “New Futures” CD Release – Guilt & Co [Gastown] (9:30pm)

Fri [Oct 14]:——————————————————————–
* A-Trane Radio Program – 100.5FM or http://www.coopradio.org (2:30-5:30pm)
* CJBS Happy Hour: Ron Johnston – Frankie’s Jazz Club (4-6pm) [No Cover]
* Vancouver New Music Festival: Mechanical Music Peter Hannan & Camille Hesketh/Kelly Ruth/Koka Nikoladze – Orpheum Annex
* Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band – Blue Frog Studio
* Murray Adaskin Salon Concert Series: Murray Adaskin Celebration – Canadian Music Centre (7pm)
* Rogue Folk Club: The Bumper Jacksons – CBC Studio 700
* CJBS: David Vest- Frankie’s Jazz Club
* CJBS Bright Moments Series: Samuel Blaser – Western Front

Sat [Oct 15]:——————————————————————–
* Darlene Ketchum/Bill Sample – Pat’s Pub (3-7pm) [FREE]
* Vancouver New Music Festival: Mechanical Music Jocelyn Robert/Anne-F Jacques/Tristan Perich – Orpheum Annex
* Cap Global Roots Series: Diego El Twanguero & Paul Pigat – Blueshore/Capilano Theatre
* Rogue Folk Club: Fred Eaglesmith – Rio Theatre
* Dálava [Aram Bajakian & Julia Ulehla] – China Cloud [FREE]
* CJBS: David Vest – Frankie’s Jazz Club
* Carnatic Cafe: Vidyasagar Vankayala / Ms. Daveena Ambalawarner / Jared Burrows / Curtis Andrews – 3743 Delbrook Ave, North Vancouver
* Quantic 1000 Watts Tour – The Imperial

Sun [Oct 16]:——————————————————————–
* Henry Young Quartet – Pat’s Pub (2-5pm) [FREE]
* Thunder Lizard w. Jared Burrows/Joe Poole/Nick Peck – Tangent Cafe (6-9pm)
* Jam Session w. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Sylvia Hotel (7-9pm)
* Diego El Twanguero & Paul Pigat – Blue Frog Studios
* Ziggy Marley – The Vogue
* CJBS: Maureen Washington CD Release – Frankie’s Jazz Club
* Ayelet’s Van 5Tet – China Cloud (9:30pm)


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