Love Jamaica.  Love being Jamaican.  Love Jamaican contributions to the planet earth.

Leonard Percival Howell, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Louise Bennett, Ranny Williams, Marley, Bolt, McKinley, Wint, Quarrie, Ottey, Tosh, Tessanne, reggae music, indomitable spirit, it’s impact on the entire world stage, Jamaica and lovers of Jamaica have a laundry list of deep loves about the county and I touched on a very small few.

Growing up and migrating to Canada was a blessing that could not have been foreseen but has infused a rich source of knowledge gained from a different perspective, on a different continent.   To have two places on the planet that give great pride is a blessing that too few have.

Where Canada is an economic power on the planet, Jamaica does not yet have that luxury and by the systems that run this planet, seems to have Jamaica set up to lose as it does many other so called 3rd World nations.  Yet the world LOVES Jamaica!

It has dawned upon me and others that Jamaica’s greatest resources aren’t the hotels & beaches, or the sugar cane or Blue Mountain Coffee (which we don’t own), or used to be the bauxite industry but that died, or the ganja which we soon won’t own or even the reggae music which covers the world like a righteous blanket…  The greatest resource out of Jamaica is its people.
The inventors, the innovators, spiritual pride and joy, all over planet earth!

It is I view, in following the teachings of H.I.M Haile Selassie 1st, who speaks of the struggles for independence of small countries, can only be achieved by fiscal and economic development.  It is the place where I ask all Jamaicans and lovers of humanity to turn their collective attentions.  It is not a competition with anyone who already has TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS…it is about self acknowledgement, self awareness, self growth and self pride.

876 is the Jamaican telephone area code.

There will be ball caps and tees to begin with and eventually Ras Tafari tams and toques in time to come.
I ask all lovers of Jamaica to support my stand to developing something positive from within this divine Jamaican spirit.  Please purchase 876ers for another lover of Jamaican culture.

It is I goal to reinvest proceeds into humanities’ upliftment through the message of reggae music as I have always done.  There are no grants and loans out there for us.  Support my path and maybe we can open a few more.


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