420 Listening Party

420 Listening Party

As Rastafari I must commended positive energy and vibe with the 420 movement.  So my gift to my ‘sistrin and idren in the spilff’ is to share music.

When I write, create, blaze a spliff, it is usually to music.  Blues, R&B, Neo Soul, Roots reggae music or dub tend to be my choices when those creative juices flow so I’m always seeking that soulful, spiritual energy.

Always looking for another long soulful mix!

Jeremy Rempel of the Fugitive Minds sent me a mix!  Actually, he sent a series of mixes from the band at rehearsal without a drummer but inserting a drum machine and just jamming out tunes, without an audience.  Reggae and Afro Beat groves.  As a man who has spent a bit of time in rehearsal and recording studios, I have found that when the band is loose and they catch a groove, it is some of the sweetest grooves that audiences never get to hear.

I’d like to share this vibe with anyone who appreciloves these vibes.

So at 8:00pm tonight I will post 44 minutes of one of those mixes.

Invite a few heads who would apprecilove this vibe and a blessed 420 to all I ganja people.

Song will be placed here @ 8:00pm EST, 20th April, 2017

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