311 Judas

311 Judas

We are designed to keep each other down

It isn’t just being competitive to strive and to aspire to our best selves and our best earning power, it is also ingrained to step on others in order to keep them in their place/s or push them further down

It is why 311 works so well

It has power, directly to those who “govern” us.  Each coward justifies their avarice and greed even if they have nothing to gain, except for the personal satisfaction of keeping someone else down

We NEED to make absolutely sure that no one but us rises to the fore

The money game

You need the right contacts as well as the right formula to elevate

The money game isn’t about the love of money.  It is about status

Status known or status perceived or just perverse personal satisfaction

Yet status is acquired

There is constant, daily, personal pursuit of this elusive status when you are only one of the seven billion ants / sheeple, statistically with zero chance of ever elevating your station from teenage years to retirement, so instead of only seeking status, we engage in pushing down total strangers, friends, relatives, siblings and even our own children

I thought of the type of coward who would call 311 and realize that it is most of us

Throughout the histories that we leaned, we are believe ourselves to be the heroes we glorify but most of us are not

We are Judas

“I can’t make it, but if I can help it, neither can you”

In all households globally there is one, two, or three of these Judas

If this piece bothers or offends you in any way, good, I am speaking directly to you


To many, this is actually a badge of honor creating what they hope is a better, cozier relationship with those that run the government or the law.  They are aware that the law is the power, so why go against it, even if it is unjust

Judas role

311 is perfect for Judas.  He or she can anonymously make the call and watch from a distance, glorifying themselves as the target of the call gets “the law”

Cowardice personified

Judas sleeps well that night knowing they did their Judas-duty.  They were able to keep another total stranger or someone we know personally in their place, or push them further down

311 Judas

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