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‚ÄčThe Hypocrite Within

​The Hypocrite Within
Who are you?
Why are you awkward?
Everyone else seems so at ease, happy, interactive and getting along
{Is this the moment I tilt my head back with laughter and get right back in line so no one notices my awkwardness?}
Pretending all is well, every place you go, yet still fulljoying amazing experiences along the way, parties, clubs, concerts, family gatherings…
Who is the real you?
What is the real you?
We all sense your fear
We can see exactly the fraud that you are
You are afraid the real you does not measure up
The hypocrite knows the road code
The hypocrite kicks in with the anger and boldness
Pretend bravado
The hypocrite is a vaxxer / masker
The hypocrite is an anti-vaxxer / anti-masker
The hypocrite knows the story makes no sense yet chooses sides in a ton of distracting arguments and conversations
To fear certain scary futures is too much for the hypocrite
You choose the safest side or the side that moves with your reality
The hypocrite fears the truth of helplessness of an insignificant existence of one eight billion… more or less
You believe in fate as well as randomness
The hypocrite within makes the best of this current existence knowing you are getting played but must choose a side continuing organized abuse of humans
The hypocrite saves our psychological health by creating safe existences
One in thirteen people is a Judas if I go with biblical math
You trust nothing and no one because that’s a lot of Judas’s calling 311
You know that you are being lied to
You feel it
The fear is real
Helplessness against the organizers
You go along to get along
Through all of the hurts and pain, somehow you feel grateful for your life anyway
The hypocrite is helping you to survive
~ ~ ~
I am of course having this conversation with my third person

Writing from feel

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