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​Remembrance Day 2020 Reflections

No I cannot “celebrate” this the way they are and have been selling it to me
If these so called patriots are selling it, you know that it is the wrong energy.  The hatred and venom they brought and other “patriots” like that, confirm puppet behavior and maintain this continued violence to innocent human life
Blood sport
The ultimate blood sport
Bravery personified to “serve your country” and to risk your life for others.  Purple hearts abound as other innocent souls get murdered in order to earn them medals
What is it that “they” want me / us to remember about war?
In WW1, some 20 million children were murdered on the whim of decision makers and in WW2, another 80 million children were murdered
The people who send 100 million children to be murdered control the celebration of the passing of these children
Over 100 million children
Little boys as soldiers not even 18 years old yet.  Innocent women and children as well who were not soldiers but civilians in the wrong place and time
Keep your celebrations
If these people promoting Remembrance Day celebrations actually cared, we would see no hint of war for the duration of humanity, when we take into consideration the 100 million lives we took away; from whose decisions again?
Who decides to murder children to make a point?
To win some territory?
To plant a flag?
To secure poppy or oil fields?
To maintain the opium trade?
Control the world economy?
“To end communism”?
For religion?
To make the American dollar our trading currency as opposed to gold?
Let us murder and pillage and sacrifice the lives of innocent children, “taking orders”
Wow… a get out of jail free card because one has to follow orders
As we murder more innocent children on any side of the conflict
If these children’s lives meant anything, we would endeavor to never do this to other children
The people, the “patriots” who send our children to die are also the ones promoting this poppy day
I truly do not trust these evil humans or their track records since WW2 with the numbers of global conflicts since that time… Falkland, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam etc, etc, etc…
I will remember the lost and murdered children / soldiers
I will mourn these children and try to stave off this cannibalistic murder brought by the “decision makers”
Remembrance Day should not only mourn loss but also a movement to hold these “decision makers” accountable for the lives of dead children / soldiers
Remember to look out for these abusive leaders
Fire all politicians that call for war
Remember to find the executive at Big Pharma, the Corporation or the Banker pulling these strings and hold them people accountable for the lives of children
Our children
I think we should ask a million vets their opinions before we engage into another “war”
We have the narrative that they fought for our freedom as we know it today
Well, I suggest that all presidents, prime ministers, politicians, the senate, ceos of pharma or other banking entities who vote to send our children to war, must immediately report to the frontlines next day with their wives, husbands and children of age, to be suited and booted
Right to the frontlines!
If they survive, they can get their jobs back
Everyone fights! No matter their age or health conditions since we are fighting for “our” freedom
Remember how controlled we are
Remember how insignificant our sons and daughters are to fiscal bottom line
Remember the numbers of injured and amputee veterans out in society still struggling today
Remember to question the decisions of rich people playing with poor people’s lives
Remember to ask questions
Remember to recognise the corporation/s that kills millions of humans in the name of “freedom” yet none of them or their children are on the battlefield risking life and limb
Remember to question why you accept this
Remember that you probably have no say in whatever happens with the trillions of trillions spent on “war”
I empathise with vets and their families for lost lives and limbs, physical and spiritual trauma, aka PTSD, so I remember to ask about this aspect of war
“Remember, No more war”
That is the mantra I hope to share going forward
There are so many thoughts and things to say yet I do hope that those who have suffered are not hurt or offended by these thoughts.  I am hoping to create dialogue, thoughts, shifts in spiritual energy to protect humans 

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